BlogDH(Panel) Explains Orientation

Ah, orientation—that week before your freshman year when you can attend an array events all built around the copious opportunities to awkwardly introduce yourself to hundreds of people and hope a few become your best friends. But those events are not all created equal. Here’s BlogDH’s preview of the Orientation calendar’s greatest hits.

Paxson’s Welcome
It might feel like you’ve already been welcomed by the entire Brown community, but the official welcome from President Christina Paxson is a must. The class of 2018 is only the second one to be treated to the Pax’s wisdom, so consider yourselves Paxsoneers. Get to the Main Green early to save seats in the shade for yourself, your parents, and maybe even your first-day-friends if you’re feeling the welcoming spirit. Cheers of “Pax on Pax on Pax!” are encouraged as the Prez steps up to the podium. Try to contain the excitement of being surrounded by your 1500 classmates for the first time and actually listen to the president’s words. Having just completed her own “freshman” year, she’s sure to give some valuable frosh advice. After the speech, don’t miss out on a photo-op behind the podium on the Faunce steps: it makes for a great (if slightly pretentious) first Brown mupload.
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Activities fair tonight

If you’ve been looking for a way to get more involved in groups and clubs, or if you’re a freshman who wants to learn about all the different student groups at Brown, you’re in luck: the activities fair is being held tonight at the OMAC from 7-10 pm. It’s sure to be hot in there, but there’s also going to be lots of free candy, interesting people, and cool tables to check out. Plus, we’ll be there, so if you’re looking to get involved with the Blog or just think we’re awesome, come check out our table.

ETA: Check out this floor plan of the Activities Fair. Tables are arranged by theme (but The Herald and Blog are in Campus Resources, not Media, in case you’re looking for us). By the way, only at Brown could the Gender and Sexuality section be as big as the Greek section.