I-Spy: Loui’s edition

We think this tricycle might be art.

We think this tricycle might be art.

December not only brings revenue to our favorite holiday outlets, but also to our friends at Loui’s [Ed.—While its website spells it “Louis,” the sign, pictured above, spells it “Loui’s.” We’re going to go with the sign on this one], who, bless ‘em, fire up the grills and prepare eggs any way you like at 5 a.m., just in time to get you over the finals-season all-nighter hump. (Although some of us prefer the pumpkin pancakes, and wonder if anyone, ever, has ordered the fish and chips.)

While you barely may be able to keep your eyes open at that hour, you may have noticed the eclectic artwork and hangings that adorn every foot of Loui’s wall space. What you may not know is some of the history and thought behind some of the more noteworthy of these pieces. Blog took a few morning trips to Loui’s, had a look around, and sat down with Johnny—the owner and son of the legendary Louis—himself.

Our trips and learnings culminated into BlogDH’s Original Loui’s I-SPY GAME! RISD museum, ShmISD museum—the walls of Loui’s are where it’s at.

Next time you make the trip to Loui’s, see if you can spy the following artworks of interest, and comment with any other odd and delightful curios you come across! Continue Reading

Know your Lecture Board Fall Speaker Poll candidates: Guy Fieri

Where would our culture be without Guy Fieri? Probably the same place, but cultural superfluity is always more fun than cultural necessity. Guy Fieri has left an indelible mark on the United States of America. Guy came up with “Donkey Sauce”– the only way to make a mustard-mayo combo seem more like animal semen than it already does. Guy created a Times Square amusement restaurant, which will forever go down in the pantheon of food criticism because Pete Wells was having a particularly bad day. Guy hosts a show that talks up neighborhood places as long as they aren’t run by minorities or gays. Guy taught Food Network that its audience would accept a chef whose cooking talent was inversely proportional to the amount of “bling” on his or her body.

In essence, Guy Fieri is the quintessential 21st century television personality: got his start on a competition show, parlayed his 15 minutes into several years and is now deeply loved by half of America and reviled by the others. So the question now is: why wouldn’t you want to grill this guy (or douse him with verbal donkey sauce) at a Lecture Board lecture? Take a big bite out of Guy and vote Fieri on the Lecture Board Poll!

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