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Visiting Fellow in Africana Studies Wyclef Jean
…there’s someone else at Brown with presidential ambitions.

Can’t wait for the next album by Visiting Fellow in Africana Studies Wyclef Jean (yeah, we still have fun writing that, too)? While If I Were President: The Haitian Experience isn’t set for release until early next year, according to his blog, Jean will release a six song EP version this December, called If I Were President: My Haitian Experience. We assume the pronoun change is a dig to election officials in Haiti, who refused to allow Jean to run in that country’s presidential election.

After the jump, listen to the single “Election Time” from the forthcoming record.

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JCB’s Patrick Tardieu on Haiti’s recently discovered Declaration of Independence

Courtesy of Duke University

Duke graduate student Julia Gaffield was lucky enough to stumble upon Haiti’s only known copy of its Declaration of Independence while researching in Britain’s National Archives in London recently. Here’s what the JCB’s Patrick Tardieu, who recently arrived to Brown from Haiti after the quake, had to say about it, excerpted from National Geographic:

… Gaffield consulted with Patrick Tardieu, a noted Haitian archivist who is now a fellow at Brown University’s John Carter Brown Library, to confirm the document’s authenticity.

“Its discovery is important news for Haiti’s scholarly community and more broadly for the people of Haiti.”

“I was so happy to find out it was true,” said Tardieu, the chief conservator of one of Haiti’s oldest libraries. “It is an important document, and its discovery is important news for Haiti’s scholarly community and more broadly for the people of Haiti.

A Thousand Words — Open Mic for Haiti

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From College Hill to Haiti, with love

Up until news of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti broke just over a week ago, most of us were living in somewhat of a removed vacation world. But the news of the earthquake was a harsh reminder that it was time to snap out of it and step back into the real world. Haiti needs all the help it can get in rebuilding—homes are lost, people are getting sick, families have been broken up, and a startling number of children have been newly orphaned. All around the world, people have been lending a helping hand to Haitians. Countless newscasts and big events like George Clooney’s telethon “Hope for Haiti Now,” have raised awareness on a large scale, and here on College Hill, both Brown and RISD have coordinated relief efforts. It’s imperative that we all do what we can to help, whether it’s volunteering to work at a bake sale, attending a concert that sends money to Haiti relief funds. After the jump, how you can help here at Brown.

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