BlogDH’s Fifth Annual Costume Contest: Results

Halloween is over, and of course we’re all feeling the withdrawal. No more slathering fake blood on our bodies, or getting to wear wings and top hats, or bonding with random students on the street because you like each others costumes. But for one last Halloween piece of Halloween fun, Blog brings you the results to this year’s costume contest. We’ve gotten some excellent submissions, and, as promised, our overall winner will be featured on our Facebook page’s cover photo all week. Check them out below:

Our overall winner:

Characters from the Nintendo Games Universe. Play it loud!


Names, left to right, first row:

Pom B ’16 (Yoshi), Zoe G (Luigi), Stephen B (Waluigi), Maddie K (Link), Soumya G (Mario), Maite V (Koopa Troopa), Ceci C (Toad), Marguerite S (Fox McCloud), all ’16.

Names, left to right, second row:

Carly A (Power-up Mushroom), Sarah C (Pikachu), Vhalla O (Princess Daisy), Sarah J (Mystery box), Rebecca F (Princess Peach), all ’16.



Two naked Sims, and one Sim that has been playing chess for 8 hours and really needs to go to the bathroom.


Names, left to right: Meryl C. ’17, Mandi C. ’17, and Sarah M. ’17

The (Halloweek) Last Supper

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Names: Sean O’K. (Jesus), Lucrezia S. and friends, all ’17.

And now, for our superlatives…
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A Last-Minute Guide to Costumes: Brown Edition

You need a costume that’s low-budget. You need a costume that’s last-minute. And you need a costume that’s Brown-specific. Fear not: you can have your cake candy and eat it too. When it’s an hour before Monster Ball/RISD Ball/that MoChamp pregame and there’s nothing in sight but your half-finished lab report and that sky photo t-shirt, BlogDH has got you covered.

The Main Green


You will need:

  • Green clothes
  • A frisbee
  • A picnic basket/tapestry/MacBook Air

Dress up in green clothes, stick a frisbee on your head, and carry something Main Green-related around for the night. Note: the Frisbee is essential. Otherwise you may be mistaken for Wriston/Simmons/Pembroke Green, which is not what you’re going for here.

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Your favorite Halloween flicks re-imagined at Brown

What would happen if the movies you love to watch during Halloweek took place here on campus? We’d get some spooky results.

WARNING: Some of this content may not be suitable for children (or for the more fragile members of the student body). Please note that the following scenarios do not reflect the reality of the Brown experience. I should also add a SPOILER ALERT for any of the following movies.

  1. creepy hallwayThe Brown Witch Project: A group of three friends, after hearing rumors of a party, decide to venture into Grad Center. They gradually realize that they can’t find the party OR the way out. One of them decides to film their endeavors as the students become more and more distraught. After days of wandering the concrete, riot-proof hallways, they think they hear EDM coming from someone’s room. They enter, and never come back. A few days later, a phone is found with the video evidence and released to the student body.
  2. the villageThe Village as The Bubble: The entire Brown community is terrified of leaving College Hill, believing that terrible monsters live outside the Brown bubble. In the end, the horror stories turn out to be a conspiracy, and all that exists outside the bubble is some delicious food and a working train system that will take you to Boston for $10.
  3. silver statueChucky as The Circle Dance. What if those funny aluminum people could come to life and wreak havoc across campus? Actually, that’s terrifying. Let’s move on to something lighter.
  4. unnamed
    “It’s the Great Paxson, Charlie Brown!”:
    This piece would chronicle the Halloween of two Brunonian friends. Let’s call this dynamic duo Linus and Charlie. Linus is convinced that if the two camp out all night on the Main Green, Christina Paxson will appear in genie form and grant them wishes. Specifically, he plans to ask for a return of the Ivy Room Mac and Cheese. Charlie–although he’s reluctant about missing all of Brown’s Halloween festivities (aka Ultra), and thinks his friend might be a bit unhinged–decides to suck it up and stick with Linus anyway. The two end up falling asleep and DPS wakes them up first thing in the morning, concerned that they may have gotten too turnt the night before.
  5. shining twinsThe Shining: This classic would take place in Minden, which used to be an old hotel. It really is the perfect set. Picture your favorite campus doppelgangers chilling in the hallway as the creepy twins.
  6. beetlejuice

    He’s the ghost of Fishco, am I right?

    Beetlejuice as Fishcojuice: Two freshman fear that they don’t know how to “do college” very well. By saying “Fishcojuice” three times in a row, they summon the ghost of Fischco to help them. Picture Christina Paxson doing this at the Ratty.                         

  7. The Silence of the Lambs: On second thought, even from a purely theoretical standpoint, I don’t want this movie to have anything to do with our campus. Ever. This is how I feel just thinking about it:van der meme yikes
  8. A Brunonian’s Sixth Sense— “I see dead Keeney.”: A freshman is somehow able to see and interact with all the things on Brown campus that have been eliminated over the years: the Gate, the old version of Keeney where you can freely walk the hallways between Jameson, Archibald, and Everett, even Tedeschi‘s. He looks to an older student for guidance, and in the end (PLOT TWIST) it turns out that the student was actually an alum in denial about the fact that he had graduated.

sixth sense

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Frosh-cessities: How to navigate your first Halloweek

If it’s your first Halloweek at Brown, it’s a bit intimidating to deal with finishing midterms on time, reassuring your parents you’ll be careful going out, and deciding on multiple costumes. Testing season is finally coming to an end, and the festivities are beginning just before the real cold weather hits. So, enjoy yourself while you can! Halloween is one of Brown’s highlights of the year socially, and one of the only times that it’s (more) socially acceptable to go to bars and clubs more than two or three times a week. So, with so many things happening at once, and your friends seemingly hearing of another party every other hour, it’s important to stay composed. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you make the most out of your first Halloweek!


  1. Make sure to get your academics and/or extracurriculars in order before going out. You’ll have a much better time if you feel on top of things.
  2. Decide on what you’re wearing. Now. The earlier, the better.
  3. You don’t need to go to every party, event, or pregame. Go with the flow, rather than worrying about where you’re heading next, because focusing on the next place will only detract from enjoying the one you’re currently at. And yes, FOMO will be very real, but there’s no way you’ll get to every gathering, so focus on a few and try make the most of them.
  4. Stick with your friends! Especially toward the beginning of the night, the last place you want to find yourself is wandering somewhere alone.
  5. It’s okay to leave with someone you just met. Just make sure your friends know where you’re going and that that you and your partner are both capable of engaging in safe and consensual sexual activities. [Ed. For more information, check out this important article.]
  6. Above all, be safe! Whether you’re moving from place to place, wandering with friends, or getting ready to go out, just make sure to be careful — and always remember that you never need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

So, to sum up, just go with the flow of the night and enjoy yourself. Each night is a bit different and has its own vibe. Choose a few events and try to really enjoy those rather than thinking about where you’re going next. Most importantly, though, remember to be safe, careful, informed, and cautious with whatever activities you choose to partake in. Good luck!

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Announcing: Blog’s Fifth Annual Halloweek Costume Contest

It’s that time of year again.

We are stoked to announce our fifth annual Halloween costume contest. The premise is the same as always: send a picture of your costume (or your group’s costume/costumes) along with your first name, first letter of your last name, class year and a brief description of your costume to

We’ll announce the winner of the contest on the morning of Tuesday, November 3 (happy Election Day!), and — wait for it — your picture will be featured on Blog and will be our Facebook cover photo for the week In addition, we’ll post our favorite runners-up on Blog and on our Facebook page. Prepare yourself for the approaching fame and glamour.

Looking for some solo inspiration? Check out our winner from last year! Looking for some group inspiration? Check out these winners.

To judge costumes, we’ll be mostly focusing on creativity and commitment, but you’ll get Brownie points for anything that is Brown relevant! Our favorite runners-up will also win awards in a number of categories. We also <3 group costumes. We’ll be accepting submissions until 5 p.m. on Monday, November 2. Happy Halloweek, and we look forward to seeing your spoooooooooooky submissions!

Image via Charlotte Bilski ’16.

BlogDailyHerald’s Fourth Annual Halloweek Costume Contest: Results

You came, you dressed up, you conquered. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to our Fourth Annual Halloweek Costume Contest! As always, you didn’t let the crap weather we’ve grown to know and love deter you from going all out this Hallo-week, and we loved seeing your craftiness and creativity come to light. After much deliberation and heated discussion, the editors of BlogDH finally came to a decision about who deserved to be crowned the winner. Without further delay, behold this year’s costume conquerers.


NamesSara P. ’15, Julia V. ’15, Zakary C. ’15, Jessica V. ’15, Henry W. ’15., Krishnanand K. ’15, Abi K. ’15, Jonathan N. ’15, Ali K. ’15, Caroline S. ’15, James G. ’15.
Description: Characters from the board game Candyland.

Congratulations, all – you killed the group costume game! As promised, their photos will be featured in every post that we put up today. Check out the runners up after the jump.

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