Providence named #6 “strangest” city in America

Is something off in this iStock image?

According to Travel + Leisure, Providence is home to the 6th strangest people in America. However, our “normal” friends at T + L don’t give us much of an explanation for this honor. They do highlight our “underground galleries and avant-garde performance spaces”, because apparently, hamster equals strange. They also give a shout-out to our highly ranked, but still “quirky” pizza. Celebratory trip to Nice Slice, anyone?

Author’s note: my hometown nabbed the #8 spot. This writer is concerned.

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Beyond Halloweek: Holidays to use as excuses for partying

Now that Halloweekend’s over, and you’ve finally found the remnants of your slutty [insert animal here] costume scattered around campus, it’s time to look to the future: responsible balancing of school work looking for another excuse to drink.

Here are some of the stranger red letter days for breaking out the red cups.

The Big Ones

Hannukah – Why party on just one holy day when you can party for more than a week straight? Here’s to having another miracle: a single handle of vodka that lasts for eight whole nights. Mazel tov! December 20th-28th

Holi – The Queer Alliance can’t hog the rainbow; break out the color in a giant pigment fight to celebrate the beginning of spring. Just don’t dare throw glitter—that shit’s the herpes of craft. March 20 Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: October 27, 2011

This new blog asks an important (and seasonally relevant) question: Halloween or Williamsburg?

Sometimes it IS hard to tell.