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BlogDH presents: The Concentration Sorting Hat

Are you sophomore slumping and still haven’t decided which concentration to declare, with the deadline tomorrow at 5 p.m.? Or are you senior springing and wondering if you should have studied something completely different? Let the Concentration Sorting Hat tell you! There are over 75 possible concentrations at Brown, so we couldn’t include of all of them. We’ve selected five from different corners of the academic globe to give you a sense of direction during these tumultuous times. Answer the sorting hat’s questions to find out what you should really be studying. Don’t let the sword of Gryffindor poke you on the way out.

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Harry Potter spinoff exists!!!


Harry Potter fans, it’s time to shake off that Post-Potter depression and start rejoicing! Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced a new partnership with the woman behind all the magic to create a more in-depth film series on the Wizarding World. Inspired by the fictional textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the series will follow Newt Scamandar, the textbook’s author, and his adventures in New York seven decades before The Boy Who Lived came to be. Although this new series will have nothing to do with the golden trio, we can rest assured that with J.K. Rowling’s creative mind, it will be just as satisfying. And just for some extra feels, continue celebrating with the original cast after the jump. Continue Reading

How Not to be a Freshman: The one where I go to Hogwarts

Well, readers, you all should know (unless you live under a rock) that Halloweek has commenced! Now, since Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, I always make it a point to take my costumes seriously. Last week, I discovered that there would be a Harry Potter-themed party hosted by those god-like crew men. It was going to be four floors of Hogwarts heaven: sexy Slytherins, ravenous Ravenclaws, and maybe even a hunky Hufflepuff. And I was going to be there. I was not waiting in line.

Now, I wanted to be something creative. I was not going to attend this fabulous soiree as Hermione.  I decided I would go as the one, and only, Moaning Myrtle. She was a desperate flirt with a penchant for bitching. Basically, she’s a dead version of me. I had the character and now all I needed was the costume.

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Newsku: September 7, 2011

We’ve taken our obsessive love of limericks and brought you yet another haiku-based column: Newsku. Every day, we’ll post the news of the day from our parent publication, the Brown Daily Herald, in haiku form.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s happening today:

Hi Lina; bye Inn
Mocha gets a sly wink from
Prof. C. Burbage, M.M.S.


Keepin’ it Reel: Harry Potter 7

What a crazy night – my friends and I arrived to Providence Place around 10:00 to a veritable Hogwarts’ Great Hall of both committed Potter fans and muggles. It was a great day for the scarlet-and-gold scarf and tie industry, and there were more makeshift Scotch-taped pencil-wands than you could shake a makeshift Scotch-taped pencil-wand at. It was definitely an event; all four showings were sold out, and the single line we were in had 175 people in front of us, with maybe 100 behind. Adding insult to injury: No sitting! Fire hazard! Despite these troubles, we magically managed to grab some nice seats and hunkered down for the extra hour before the film started. Green Lantern trailer looks great, btw.

But to the movie itself: Wow! It’s an intense and perfectly paced globetrotting adventure that doesn’t shy away from throwing at you everything and the kitchen sink. Continue Reading