How to cross campus without freezing to death


Oh God. It’s here. Or it might be here. It seems like just yesterday it was 90 degrees outside and we were all wearing booty shorts as we strutted the Main Green. But that time of the year is gone, and what’s to come is downright terrifying. Yet, we’re not really sure what’s going on because Providence weather is quite confusing and we’re living each day on our toes. Special shout-out to for always being there.

What we do know is that winter in Providence starts pretty early. It’s going to get colder—a lot colder—as we move into November and December, and Brown students have always struggled to find ways to stay alive in the midst of this arctic chill. We drink coffee and wrap ourselves in fabric, but, more often than not, we each lose at least one limb to frostbite. It’s tragic but true.

The hardest part of the impending winter season is handling those brief moments we spend outside when getting from class to class. It feels like the wind is pistol-whipping us each time we open the door, and stomping through snow reminds us of Elsa from Frozen beating us to death with our own arms.

But never fear! Blog is here with some great tips to make it through this garbage-y season. If even the thought of leaving your residence hall makes you want to curl into fetal position, give some of these a try. They might just save your life. Continue Reading

FlogDailyHerald: Complaining about the heat is silly


It’s too hot. Now it’s too humid. Uh-oh, now it’s raining. During the first few days back on College Hill, students have aired a laundry list of complaints about a whole range of meteorological conditions.

And I get it. Providence weather is fickle, and some people find that frustrating. Humidity that causes you to break a sweat just by thinking too hard isn’t fun. Neither is a surprise rainstorm that pounces on you as you leave class.

But it’s worth looking on the bright side of things. The days are warm, and even at night temperatures are barely dipping below sixty degrees. On top of that, until today we’ve had plenty of sun. Things certainly could be worse. In fact, they often have been worse.

  1. For those who are wont to complain about a brief afternoon shower, it’s worth remembering Superstorm Sandy, which turned Providence, and most of the Northeast, into a lake. And not a fun lake that you could waterski on or swim in, but an angry lake that flooded streets and would have happily ripped you out to sea.
  2. In 2013, Nor’easter Nemo pounded across New England, dumping enough snow to break the spirits of even the most optimistic Dory-like students on campus.
  3. And, of course, there’s the series of snowstorms that all but obliterated Providence last winter.  We got so much snow that even Executive Vice President, Planning and Policy Russell Carey couldn’t save us. But he did grant us two snow days. To show our gratitude, we nominated him for President of the United States of America.

Carey is drawing low numbers in recent polls, but his favorability is expected to skyrocket if he gives us another snow day.

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Frozen Treats Galore

Absurdly hot pre-Labor Day weather got you down? Feel the need to sip on some coolingly delicious iced-coffee, but don’t have time to wait in line at the Blue Room? Even though this balmy weather won’t last long, two small business have stopped their wheels right on Brown campus to offer frozen delights that hit the over-heated spot.

The first is no stranger to Brown. Any of the few times Providence hits above 75 degree weather, New England Frozen Lemonade is sure to have a cart or van around the Main Green. Offering either frozen lemonade or watermelon slushies in various sizes, this treat is perfect on the way to a class in any of Brown’s various un-air conditioned buildings.

After having lunch on the Main Green (if you dare sit outside for an extended period of time), head up Thayer to pick up a refreshingly vegan soft serve at Like No Udder vegan treat truck. Also serving vegan milkshakes, candy bars, frozen lemonade, and drinks, this food truck is the only vegan soft serve truck in the world!

So enjoy these treats before the New England winter sets in. By then, you’ll be complaining about the weather for a whole different reason.

Aaaaaaaah! Hurricane!

Hurricane Earl churning in the Atlantic (It's the big one, center left) (courtesy of: NASA GOES Project)

UPDATE 12:37 PM: Rhode Island has just been upgraded to a tropical storm warning. Take cover!!

Hurricane Earl is blowing, sweeping, barreling, whatever overdramatic action verb you prefer, this way. Panic!!

No, not really. No one really seems sure what we should be doing.

The University sent an email this morning to the student body saying they’ve been closely monitoring the situation (that’s reassuring) and giving advice for how to handle it – like closing windows (do they realize how hot it is??) and avoiding the beach during the storm (duh).

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