Frosh-cessities: Brown’s Urban Dictionary

Coming to Brown has been a huge learning experience for me – new places, new people, and new ideas. This new knowledge is all good and grand but the most fascinating things I’ve been learning around campus are all the new vocabulary words. I’m not talking about dumb, fancy words like “hegemony”, “post-modernism”, or “agency”, I’m talkin’ ‘bout tha slang. I never thought about slang very much back home, but coming here has opened my ears to the many interesting regional bastardizations variations of the English language. Here is a short portion of Brown’s very own “urban” dictionary:

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Word around Brown

Brown definitely has a dialect of its own. Certain words seem to pop out of conversations and trend through the student body.  So we at BlogDailyHerald thought it was high time to record these snippets of Brown vocab and educate one and all in what it’s like to speak like a Brunonian.

Here’s a condensed list of those words uttered across campus that have reached the ears of the Blog. It’s difficult to jot down an extensive catalog of the Brown vernacular, but this is surely a start. Continue Reading