BlogDH Presents: Finals Bingo

The only thing that gets us through the onslaught of finals is complaining about them. In fact, scientific studies (i.e. my observations from the SciLi basement) have shown that most students spend more time talking about how awful finals are than actually studying.

So don’t just listen to your friends whine, turn their whining into a procrastination technique and play Finals Bingo. Keep it open next to your blank Word doc essay, and let the complaints fly. For added fun, keep track of which friend says the most of these and crown them Master of Complaining. Game on.

finals bingo

Get your friends to download the other boards (below) and see who’s the first to catch ’em all.

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FlogDailyHerald: Saturday finals


On the list of things that just don’t go together—which includes such atrocities as mustard and yogurt, jeans and rain, and curry and tequila (trust me)—Saturdays and finals rank number one.

This semester, two of my finals are on Saturdays. That’s right, both of the times in which I have to sit down for three hours, write down every bit of information that might possibly be relevant, and try to squeeze by on the curve, I have to do so under the heavy weight of knowledge that I’m taking a final ON A WEEKEND.

These aren’t my only final assignments, by the way. I also have two final papers, a final presentation, and a final exam masquerading as a midterm, but I can deal, because they are not ON A SATURDAY.

Saturdays are sacred. Saturday is the day to lie in bed until 1p.m., the day to get over your hangover by consuming solely bagels and yellow Gatorade (before consuming more hangover-inducing substances), the day to pretend you got a little work done, and the day that allows you to keep your sanity throughout the rest of the week. Continue Reading

Japan earthquake relief: how you can help

By now, footage is ubiquitous of the 8.9 Sendai earthquake and the catastrophic tsunami that followed on Japan’s Pacific coast last week. The damage is surreal: huge boats are turned sideways; cars are piled on top of each other; houses are swept right off their foundations into piles of wood scraps. 6,000 have been confirmed dead or missing, and that number is expected to rise drastically in the coming weeks. Thousands of others are without shelter, food and electricity, and rising radiation levels are pointing to a nuclear crisis.

One of the many things to love about our dear old school is that it’s home to a community of activists, but with an event of this massive scale, it can get daunting figuring out how to lend a helping hand. We’ve roped together a few worthy causes; look into ’em all, pick a cause, and help away. Any little bit of help will count, but what’s most important is that we keep spreading the word.  Continue Reading