Indy tops The Herald in extra innings kickball thriller on Pembroke Field

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College Hill ‘Dependent 6, Herald 5. The Herald regrets the error. The overall Herald vs. Indy series record now stands at 12 for The Herald and 4 for the Indy.

Round XV: The Herald clinches yet another kickball victory


The good guys always come out on top.

In the fifteenth round of The Herald v. the College Hill ‘Dependent semesterly kickball rivalry, your athletic friends from the BDH Beta Delta Eta were victorious yet again.

The game lasted a total of five innings, with the final score rounding off at 13-4. Herald Senior Staff Writer Dante O’Connell ’16 earned himself an MVP title for killer work in the outfield, as did General Manager Sam Plotner ’14 for driving home several runs.

In the spirit of camaraderie, the greatest publication you will ever meet—and the worst—joined hands after the game and sang a nice kumbaya. Just kidding—we played another inning just for fun, and no one from the Indy scored.

Saturday’s victory brings the all-time Herald versus Indy record to 12-3 (which is what happens when one team brings tennis shoes to an athletic event and the other brings cigarettes).

Thanks for another great win, Indy staffers, and see you next semester! (We hear hipsters tend to bloom in the spring, so we’re expecting big things.)

This week in The Herald: Silent Violence series


This week, The Herald published a four-part series, “Silent Violence,” examining the experiences of victims and accused perpetrators of sexual assault at Brown. Though the topic of sexual violence on college campuses has recently dominated national news, there has not been a thorough discussion of how sexual assault plays into life on College Hill.

The first article in the series, “Under the surface: Sexual assault at Brown,” takes an overarching look at the culture on campus, focusing on the effects gender, alcohol and drug use, and differing definitions of consent have on students’ perceptions of sexual assault and those who experience it. This article also introduces a few of the victims whose stories the later articles cover in greater depth.

The second article, “Victims of sexual assault confront challenges of reporting,” offers a more detailed narrative of students who have been sexually assaulted at Brown, examining their experiences with various steps in the University’s systems for reporting and prosecuting sexual misconduct cases. Continue Reading

Round XIV: The Herald is victorious, obviously


The few, the proud.

Our winning streak just sees no sign of stopping.

In the fourteenth installment of The Herald’s semesterly clobbering kickball game against the College Hill ‘Dependent, the good guys have secured yet another win against the Indy, with a final score of 7-6.

The battle lasted a merciful eight innings and featured a number of all-star performances from Herald staffers. Staff Writer Michael Dubin ’16 earned his MVP title for a stellar performance as a first baseman, and Design Editor Brisa Bodell ’15 was named MVP for her unmatched team spirit and for staring down the face of death to get a W with an injury in the field. City & State Editor Adam Toobin ’15 also gets props for a game winning catch, which was promptly followed by a wave of Indy tears.

This brings the final Herald-Indy series record to 11-3. And some friendly athletic advice, Indy players: It helps if you don’t smoke cigarettes while playing a sport. Also, tennis shoes.

(But seriously, props for being good sports, and see ya next year!)

Call us Cupid: We’re here to make your Valentine’s Day dreams come true

(BlogDH) Valentines
Are you lucky in love and want the world to know? Working up the confidence to tell that special someone how you feel? Do you have a special message for your crush or sweetheart? You’re in luck this Valentine’s Day: The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDailyHerald, and Brown University Compliments are teaming up to shoot you with Cupid’s arrow (i.e. light the fire under your ass so you can get out there and work on your love game).The method to our madness? A webpage where you can submit love notes to the apple of your eye. You can submit your message anonymously or attach your name to ensure some V-day action. We’ll publish your valentines in a special issue of The Herald, on BlogDailyHerald, or on Brown University Compliments. It’s like first grade again, but without the disgusting Necco candy hearts, and we won’t force you to write a note to that awkward kid in your class who doesn’t shower. It’s time to take control of your love life and let that special someone know how you feel. Check out the Facebook event here. <3

What to burn to stay warm during Superstorm Sandy (Cohen)

Doesn't make you Jake Gyllenhaal though

Now that classes are canceled again, we’re in it for the long haul, but rations might be running out and conditions are getting grimmer. The lights are flickering, heating might be going out, and oh god you haven’t had a Blue Room sandwich in over 24 hours. If Sandy (Cohen) turns out to be the 2012 Apocalypse (a bit too soon), and civilization needs to resort to desperate measures to stay alive, here’s a list of makeshift firewood for the new dark ages.

Not sure how you’d be reading this though… do iPhones still work at the end of the world?

1. Candles
ResLife is huddling together for warmth somewhere away from campus, so forget the $100 fine and light ‘em up!

Continue Reading