Herald update: Men’s and women’s fencing, men’s wrestling, and women’s ski teams may be cut

A Herald web update published just a few minutes ago gives details on the decision made by the Athletics Review Committee at 5 pm today to reduce the number of sports teams from 37 to 34 for the next academic year.

The men’s and women’s fencing teams, men’s wrestling team and women’s ski team will be cut, if President Ruth Simmons and the Corporation accept a plan recommended by the Athletics Review Committee. If the Corporation approves the plan at its meeting next month, these cuts will be implemented immediately, effective at the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year. The committee outlined the plan in its report released today at 5 p.m.

The report also recommends reducing the number of admission slots available for recruited athletes. Read the full article here.  Check tomorrow’s Herald for full coverage on the decision and students’ reactions to it.

Update: Hit-and-run accident

The Herald has posted an online update on the hit-and-run accident that occurred on Saturday around 10:45 pm.  The two students hit have now been identified, and the details of the collision have been posted.  Read the full article here.