Useless Rankings: We’re pretty hipster at Brown

I want these. Is that lame or ironic?

I want these. But are they lame or ironic?

Put down your n+1 magazine and that cup of fair-trade coffee; Brown has officially beat our  College Hill frenemie RISD on HerCampus’ most recent list of “The Most Hipster Schools.” Our more artistic (but apparently less artsy) neighbors come in at No.6, while Brown stands at a respectable fourth place. The Providence Journal seemed pretty excited by the news — after all, it is pretty great to live in a city run by the mafia artisans, writers, and their wanna-be friends.

HerCampus’ blurb on Brown mentions our Spring Weekend concert spirit, our overuse of the word “heteronormative,” and our commitment to drinking Narragansett. There’s also a mention of a couple whose meet-cute occurred at a thrift store, making our school (supposedly) a breeding ground for “ironic romances.” Still, as much as we all want our lives to be the plot of the next mumble-core playing at the Avon, I’d suggest not venturing down to Savers hoping to find a significant other in the bargain-bin.

HerCampus is a blog hoping to provide the need-to-know to college women, with contributors from our student body as well as universities across the country. Check out the full site here.

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Careful with the irony, you might be being sexist…

Last week, New York magazine published an article on “hipster sexism,” picking up where Jezebel and Gawker left off last spring when they coined the phrase “hipster racism.” The essential idea is this: the new generation (i.e. us), in its (our) effort to be hyper-liberal and self-aware, mock the old-school actual racists/sexists, but in a way that actually perpetuates stereotypes. Thus, it is the hipsters that are accidentally holding progression back. As you know, us Brown students are up there as the most hipster kids around, which begs the question, are these unnecessarily analytical always-looking-for-something-to-complain-about sophisticated publications worried about us?

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Preview: Reopening The Vault

Among the stuff Brown students like: words ending in “-cycling.”  Recycling, bicycling… and now upcycling.

The Vault, a student-run thrift program started by Hannah Winkler ’13 and Tara Noble ’12.5, provides Brown students with the opportunity to buy gently used clothing (and other items, too) – and their first sale is being held today, in the lobby of J. Walter Wilson, from 10 am to 2 pm.  If you’re out of short-sleeved shirts thanks to the weirdly warm temperatures of late, or have put off doing laundry almost as long as you’ve procrastinated that stats problem set, you’re in luck.

There’s no need to fret if your pockets are still empty from textbook purchases – The Vault will also conduct clothing exchanges, and you can get store credit for those grandma sweaters you wore before they were cool or the jeans that fit before you discovered Ivy Room mac and cheese.  They’ll be holding more sales this semester, so you can stop by whenever you’re feeling the need for some retail therapy (or, in tomorrow’s case, a free cookie with your first purchase)!

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Time-waster of the day: April 28, 2011

The word ‘hipster’ appears rather frequently on BlogDailyHerald. Is it merely a style of dress? An attitude? A way of life? We would venture to ask a hipster about this but they all seem to be too busy zooming around on their fixed-gear bicycles to stop and chat. So, until then, we’ll just have to observe them on another one of the several blogs dedicated to their kind. ‘Dads: The Original Hipsters’ is one of the more inventive hipster picture websites out there. The site compiles photos of dads from the ’70s and ’80s in fashions and positions that weren’t hipster at the time, but, in retrospect, certainly seem fit for Bedford Avenue ca. 2011.

Alum band The Low Anthem playing an RI pasta sauce factory this weekend

If you wanted to be the first of your friends to discover the lovely lo-fi bluesy/folk stylings of The Low Anthem, you’re already too late. The four-person band — which includes  Jeff Prystowsky ’06 and Ben Knox Miller ’06 — has been blowing up all over the interwebs recently. Though the group’s been around for a while — they played at Bonnaroo in 2009 — their latest album, Smart Flesh, was just released Feb. 22, and it is pretty excellent.

Even cooler, on Saturday you can go see them perform in the abandoned pasta sauce factory where they actually recorded Smart Flesh.

They’re supposed to be super awesome live. Saturday’s Central Falls, RI concert starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are only $10, so get on that.  Especially since they’re headed to Europe after Saturday’s CD release show!

We don’t know where Central Falls is exactly, but isn’t everywhere in Rhode Island just 20 minutes away from everywhere else in Rhode Island? Someone at Liquid told us that once…

Dartmouth student gets artsy with Keystone

Max Heiges's masterpiece "The Juggler"

A frat’s Saturday night dilemma: after many rounds of beer pong and shotgunning, empty Keystones cover the sticky basement floor. What to do? One Dartmouth student’s answer: turn it into art.

Max Heiges, Dartmouth art intern and football player, incorporated the classic frat beverage into his installation piece “The Juggler.” Much like anyone who supports themselves on Keystone, the sculpture seems like it is about to collapse from too much alcohol intake. But the precariously balanced sculpture stays afloat,  incorporating a couple of seemingly floating chairs and a lot of cases of empty Keystone, all of course donated by Dartmouth frat members. Who knew a Saturday night’s worth of beer could become a contribution to the art world? And, like with any other serious work of contemporary art, we must ask what does it mean? Heiges’s answer: “Nobody rages anymore.” Hmmmm. Right.

What we want to know: why hasn’t some hipster vis art student already done this with PBR?