A Thousand Words: Homecoming 2012

Check out tomorrow’s BDH for more photos from today’s game.

Here are a few of our favorite shots from the night.

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What your Brown apparel says about you

Homecoming is this weekend, which means that for one rare day, a sizable number of Brown students will actually show some school spirit. Everyone celebrates Homecoming differently: some people, you know, actually enjoy the game (no hate — I just do not understand football); others tailgate from sunup ’til sundown. Regardless of whether or not you drink or like football—or whether or not you feel an irrepressible urge to paint your body in school colors—there’s one simple, painless way to show Brown pride this weekend: by sporting Brown apparel.

Anyone who’s stepped foot into the Brown bookstore knows that if you’re looking for a piece of clothing to show some school spirit, there seem to be infinite options. And then there are the unofficial garments: Ruth shirts, Brown State bro tanks, and the like. Here’s our handy guide to help you figure out exactly what message you’re sending when you don your favorite piece of Brown gear for today’s game.

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You should really, really go to the Brown-Harvard Game

It’s Homecoming. It’s time to temporarily leave the realm of academia, release our inner Brown Bares Bears, and enter the state of nature. Proudly donning our Brown swag, we take to Brown Stadium in revelry and unite as a cohesive sleuth of Bears to cheer on our fellow athletically-inclined Brunonians as they engage in an old American pastime: kickin’ some good old Crimson behind… uh, we mean football.

The concept of men throwing around the pigskin and tackling each other may or may not be appealing to you, but we all can agree on two things: we’re proud to go to Brown, and we hate Harvard. There’s seriously no better time to show it. So put your work on the back burner, shelve your stress, and come on down to the game. Paxson will be there too, which is a huge plus.

Let’s go Bruno!

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PollerBears: Homecoming Edition

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Key match-ups to watch this season

Brown defeated Columbia in the last game of last years football season to secure a share of the Ivy championship.

Brown defeated Columbia in the last game of last year's football season to secure a share of the Ivy championship.

Yes, believe it or not, Brown does have varsity sports teams — and a handful of fall teams have been nationally ranked and competitive in recent years. Sports editor Andrew Braca gives a run-down of games to watch this season in Tuesday’s Herald.

The football team is ranked third in the Ivy league for the season, behind Harvard and Penn, after coming off a co-championship season last year. (And they beat co-champs Harvard head-to-head, so the Crimson’s championship rings don’t shine quite so brightly as Bruno’s.) The Bears will be preparing to face off against intrastate rival URI in their homecoming game this season:

Football, Oct. 3:
Homecoming games are often exciting, but last year’s 24-22, rain-soaked triumph over Harvard will be hard to top. This year, the Bears will square off against the University of Rhode Island in the battle for the 94th Governors Cup, seeking to avenge a 37-13 loss to the Rams last year.

Six All-Ivy selections return from last year, but Bruno will be breaking in a new quarterback.

Are the third-ranked Bears underrated or past their prime? We’ll have to wait and find out.