Brown Hookups: An interview with the facilitators


A few weeks ago, a new group joined the ranks of the Brown Facebook community and started making waves: Brown Hookups. As many of you may have seen, or have heard through the gossip grapevine, Brown Hookups is a matchmaking service facilitated by a group of anonymous students that aims to “hook up” Brown students. Their secure system pairs up users who have expressed mutual interest in one another. They also publish a weekly feature of “Most Desirable” students of the week (those who have been most frequently requested through their submission system) on their Facebook page. With over 1,000 users and a growing online presence, BlogDH was curious to speak with the creators of Brown Hookups in order to find out more about their goals, inspirations, and philosophies on love.

BlogDailyHerald: What was your incentive to start Brown Hookups? What was/is your aspiration for the service?

Brown Hookups: The idea really came from the popularity of online dating recently. Our thought was to create an app similar to Hinge and Tinder, but appeal specifically to the college population, and create a niche in the market by allowing students to have some fun thinking about who actually requested them! We thought people would appreciate an app where the purpose was upfront: a hookup, because that is often what people are actually looking for on these dating sites. We also decided that the idea of keeping people within their own network (in this case, their university) was safer and more comfortable for our intended user base.

BlogDH: For those that don’t know, can you explain exactly how it works?

BH: The first step is to submit the name of someone in the Brown community who you are interested in. You can do this by direct messaging the Brown Hookup (BH) page on Facebook. BH will then send that person a random list of five names, including yours, from the BH friend list. That person will be asked if they are interested in any of the 5 people, and if they respond indicating that they are interested in you, we will create a match. Each person is only allowed to submit one request per week and only one guess. Recently, we also revealed that users can pay $0.99 to guess a second time.

There are few things that people need to understand about how this works. First is that if you friend BH, your name could be randomly selected to be placed in a group of five from which a user can guess. However, the program would never make up a match or lead someone to believe you are interested in them unless you submit a name. So don’t be surprised if your name comes up in a friend’s five potentials even if you did not request them. If they guess you, it will not be a match. But that’s the fun part.

Second is that we are keeping this extremely anonymous and confidential. We have no intention of disclosing any information that is sent to us and we have set up a lot of protection to make sure that does not happen. Hopefully we will have the app programmed soon so everything is completely automatic.

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EduHookups: Casual sex at the click of a mouse

We have pretty interesting news.  No, we aren’t opening a campus in Shanghai. Casual sex website eduHookups is expanding to Brown! Started at UChicago a few weeks ago, the “no strings attached” hookup site has already expanded to Northwestern, Columbia College Chicago, DePaul, SAIC, Yale, Washington University in St. Louis and Loyola University Chicago and will be opening up to Brown students on April 4th (you will need a email address to register… sounds a little bit like another instant web-phenom that started up seven years ago).

The purpose of the site is simple: to give college students an easy (no pun intended) place to seek out sexual encounters. For both the cripplingly shy and the passionately deviant, eduHookups should represent a welcome addition to the college student’s casual sex utility belt (apparently the old-fashioned kind of social lubricant just doesn’t do it anymore). The site has been a relative success so far, with 800 registered members and features in the Huffington Post and a local Chicago television station. Oh yeah, and there was this little quip on Leno a few weeks ago:

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