An inside look into sophomore dorms

The housing lottery is, besides SPG and Spring Weekend, the most infamous event at Brown. And the housing lottery is the most terrifying for the poor, bewildered freshman. Not to worry–we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a 360-degree view of one room in each sophomore dorm (Not pictured: Grad Center D and a few rooms on Vartan Gregorian Quad). To make the housing lottery feel a little less like warfare and a little more like online shopping!

Barbour is a bit far from the center of campus, but is in close proximity to East Side Mini Mart, Louis, Bagel Gourmet, and Wickenden Street. Basically if you like brunch, Barbour is the place for you. While it’s bunker-esque facade (and interior, actually) lacks charm, it’s a great place for those of you hoping for a suite with a private kitchen and bathroom. However, do be warned that not all Barbour rooms are suites with the aforementioned amenities.


Caswell is one of the older dorms, but it doesn’t show. The dorm is centrally located on Ruth Simmons quad, mere minutes away from the Ratty, the Main Green, and the SciLi. The rooms are fairly spacious and the windows are large, meaning there is a lot of natural light. The one downside to living in Caswell is that there is no elevator, making moving in a hassle.

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BlogDH PSA: Summer Subletting at Brown


Looking to sublet, or for people to sublet? BlogDH has got you covered.

BlogDH is launching Brown Summer Subletting 2014, for you to post your ads and requests for summer Providence housing. Don’t end up in a box on Thayer!

Inside Keeney’s second round of renovations!


Keeney Quad–formerly known to some as “Kee-nasty”–underwent renovation last summer. But ResLife wasn’t done: even more renovation happened this summer. The changes include:

  • The building has been physically divided into its three houses using locked doors.
  • The hallways have been overhauled.
  • The exit signs are of the new, indestructible type.
  • Bathrooms have been renovated and turned to gender-neutral.
  • New wheelchair-accessible, single-use bathrooms have been created in certain locations.
  • Additional lounges have been added.
  • Courtyards have been upgraded, with vertical banners identifying the houses.

Without further ado, the photos:

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Jameson students affected by fire won’t be back in their rooms for a few days


As many of you probably know, there was a fire in a Jameson 3rd floor room Monday night at around 7:00 p.m. Rumor is that it started when a lit candle caught a curtain, but we’re not here to speculate about that. Though no one was hurt, the fire, of course, has affected many more students than just the resident(s) of that room. A couple of hours after firefighters had put out the blaze, Res Life sent out an email telling students from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of Jameson to “relocate for the evening.” According to the same email, students had an opportunity to grab their things and prepare for one of numerous slumber parties throughout the rest of Keeney that night.

Until earlier today, however, students were still unsure when they would be back in their rooms. According to a second email sent out this evening, people on the 1st and 2nd floors would be allowed back into their room on Friday, April 26 once necessary repairs were complete. They had until 9 p.m. tonight to pick up whatever they needed. Those who live on the 3rd floor would be back in their rooms by Monday, April 29. Res Life has offered students “temporary housing” – if they aren’t down for a longterm sleepover at a friend’s, in which case they can still pick up an extra mattress – and has gone the extra mile to send students a list of instructions for making property damage claims for damaged belongings (check after the jump).

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Frosh-cessities: Everything you ever needed to know about the housing lottery

ResLife recommends you study hundreds of floor plans. Because that is the level of insanity the lottery requires.

ResLife recommends you study hundreds of floor plans. Because that is the level of insanity the lottery requires.

This is an incredibly important PSA reminding everyone that lottery applications are due this Friday, March 22 at noon. Do not miss this deadline! If you do, you and your tragic housing group will be automatically entered in the Summer Housing Process. ResLife provides a step-by-step account of that process, but it can be summarized as being officially fucked over for housing. So again, submit your housing lottery application by FRIDAY!

As you’ve probably heard, there have been significant changes to the housing options available for rising sophomores, who are now part of a separate lottery from rising juniors and seniors. As you have also probably heard, no one actually seems to know how exactly this will affect the lottery; some will tell you the Class of 2016 has been saved from the brutality that would have been, while others offer the opinion that they have been royally screwed over (Perkins as a sophomore, anyone?). It doesn’t help that ResLife is intent on sending out very confusing emails and maintaining several different webpages that offer different sets of information. Example: the initial lottery information email told students to check the “front desk in North Wayland” to verify their semester levels. Um, ResLife has been located in Grad Center E since the beginning of this school year. You would think that they would know…

We do our best to provide useful lottery information and links after the jump:

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Dorm changes for 2013 housing lottery revealed

For a long time, students have been wondering exactly what the dorm options will be for the 2013 housing lottery. On Wednesday, ResCouncil posted a list of all the changes. We’ve broken them down for you in an easy-to-digest map:

Note: Greek and program houses located in sophomore communities will still be open to juniors and seniors.

Note: Greek and program houses located in sophomore communities will still be open to juniors and seniors.

A year ago, the University announced a sweeping plan for renovating and reorganizing campus housing. We won’t recap the details of that, but there are some important differences between that plan and the new one: Perkins will be sophomore doubles, not junior/senior singles, and Slater and Hegeman will be for juniors and seniors, not sophomores. Read more here.

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