Squirrels of Brown University

The sense of humanity in all of us is best captured by the Humans of New York photography series. It is an amazing project that portrays the essence of this vibrant state through the pictures of colorful individuals. We decided to do our own version of this, and thus Humans of Brown was born. However, we must not forget about the little ones. They are as much a part of this university as any student, and they deserve more than just our soggy food scraps. These are the squirrels of Brown, and these are their stories.


“Hi sir, would you mind facing the camera for the picture, please?”
“My profile is amazing. Take a picture of that instead. And make it good!” Continue Reading

Humans of Brown University is back!


In an innovative stupor, we created a new series here at BlogDailyHerald last spring: Humans of Brown University (or HOBU). Based on a fast-growing Facebook page called Humans of New York (HONY), this portion of BlogDH seeks to provide a glimpse into the exquisitely enigmatic minds of students at Brown.

The HONY story: In the summer of 2010, a New Yorker named Brandon Stanton went on a quest to creepily take pictures of families and couples “construct a photographic census of New York City” and for about three years now, he’s been doing just that. Brandon’s posts usually consist of snippets from his conversations with New Yorkers (oftentimes a question along with the subject’s answer) and photos of his subjects. Some of them talk about their current struggles, some about their delights, most often with vignettes.

While our posts may serve a more humorous purpose (what profundities do we really have to impart to each other?), we think it’s an appropriate one at that.

Check out BlogDailyHerald’s “Humans of Brown University” album on our Facebook page. We’ll be updating our album with more humans on the reg.

Springtime Humans

“What are your spirit animals?”
Matt: “A golden retriever.”
Kate: “A black bear cub.”

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Humans of Brown University, Vol. 2

Here are a few highlights from Vol. 2 of our Humans of Brown University project!  For all of this week’s humans, check out our HOBU Facebook album.


“If you had one superpower it would be?”
“I’d like to be my parents for a while, like for a day.  You’d probably get a lot of wisdom.”


“I’m writing an article for Bluestockings on female graffiti artists.” Continue Reading

BlogDailyHerald presents Humans of Brown University, Vol.1

Introducing Humans of the Brown University presented by BlogDailyHerald! Inspired by Humans of New York, Humans of Brown University will collect stories and quotes from your peers so you can get to learn more about the humans on our campus. We’ve gone out into the field and snapped some pictures of humans (i.e., your peers) at Brown University in their respective elements and on the move. Check BlogDH (and our Facebook page) every Tuesday for new humans and stories. (We’re sorry if you don’t find the label “humans” politically correct; if you’d prefer to be called a squirrel or an alien, please drop us a line and we’ll make the appropriate adjustments.) Enjoy! 


“I love Sayles Hall, built in 1883. (I’m a tour guide.)”


“What are you studying?”
“When is it?”
“Tonight.” Continue Reading