Christina Paxson, I owe you a goat

Here’s a roundup of our favorite Facebook statuses in reaction to last night’s school closure announcement.  Keep up the good work, friends—this is what Facebook statuses were made for. We wish you all the best as you celebrate the day with all the rampant-raging, goat-gifting, Paxson-praising, and Cohen-courting you can take.

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Herald details local openings and closings for Sandy

This would’ve been helpful before trying to go to the library this morning. The BDH has been so kind as to provide us all with a list of what local businesses are open to customers despite Hurricane Sandy (Cohen). Among those that are riding it out are CVS, Loui’s, and East Side Pockets. The OMAC, Starbucks, and the Brown Bookstore, however, are all closed. If you’re looking for a rainy day activity, the Avon is still doing showings of Easy Money today.

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The 10 best rainy-day episodes of The O.C. to watch during Hurricane Sandy (Cohen)

As you gather your provisions for the looming Hurricane Sandy, you may find yourself searching for that perfect under-the-covers activity to pass the time. Look no further. We’ve decided to completely re-envision your most irritating Halloweek inconvenience this side of group costumes and blizzards — with a no-holds-barred marathon of the teen soap that convinced you to apply to Brown in the first place.

Welcome to The O.C., bitch.

These are BlogDailyHerald’s top ten episodes of The O.C. accompanied by the musical moments that made them so damned unforgettable, after the jump.

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Hurricane Sandy (Cohen): Despite state of emergency, classes are still on for tomorrow

Amid some speculation and the announced closings of many public school systems in the Northeast, Brown has officially decided to hold classes as scheduled tomorrow. Governor Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 may have declared a state of emergency for the state of Rhode Island in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy (Cohen)—the “Frankenstorm“—but you should keep studying for whatever midterms you have for tomorrow.

But who knows: maybe sleeping with spoons under our pillows and our pajamas inside out will be just enough to turn the tide (hurricane puns!) to make tomorrow a Hurricane Day. The responsible college student in us should probably consider making a quick run to Campus Market, Tedeschi (too soon!) or Eastside Marketplace to stock up on some non-perishable foodstuffs.