WTF is happening on the Main Green? The iFLIP4 launch event


Mentioned in an earlier post, iFLIP4 is an upcoming site developed by experienced entrepreneur Alan Bornstein and Brown student David Ellmann (currently on leave in order to develop the site) as a brand and network for people who care. Ellmann describes it as a “LinkedIn for charities; a causal network.” With ways to discuss and support causes that inspire you, and by offering a philanthropic brand with half its profits donated to charities, iFlip4 is set to revamp the ways in which we give.

Interested in getting involved? Stop by the Main Green today and learn more about the startup at Brown’s official iFlip4 launch event. Led by the iFLIP4 team of “ambassadors,” the event seeks to create a friendly, casual space in which to discuss charitable causes and global initiatives for change. As Ellmann puts it, “you wouldn’t normally bring up how much you just gave to a charity in a place like the Ratty, but the idea is behind iFLIP4 is to create a space for that kind of dialogue.” Visit the event table to create a profile on the site, discover thousands of new non-profits, get t-shirts, and begin “flipping” for the causes you believe in. The event will also feature soccer, frisbee, and a green-wide capture-the-flag game.

The event marks the start of a iFLIP4 launch campaign that is also occurring in multiple other high schools and colleges across the nation, including Bryn Mawr College, Colorado College, and the University of Maryland. The events, part of a “guerrilla marketing campaign set to evolve into a global force for good,” will promote iFLIP4 as a tool to help educate students who want to make a difference in world issues but may not know how.

Sound appealing? Get started by learning more on the Main Green today from 12-4 p.m.

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