wtf* Brown – the UCS website’s new feature


The Undergraduate Council of Students just launched a brand new section of their website: what to fix at Brown. From the screenshot above, you can see that it’s pretty self explanatory. wtf* Brown is a forum for students to submit and/or vote for ideas on improving Brown. You can describe your suggestion, as well as comment on the suggestions of others. More importantly, UCS will comment on whether or not said idea is in progress, and how that progress is going.


It’s pretty damn cool that UCS is modernizing, and giving us another outlet to complain to them beyond inconvenient open meetings (Nothing specific to UCS meetings, all meetings are inconvenient by default.). The new method has URL categories, and is delightfully cheeky!

Students are prompted to sign in via Shibboleth when they post something to the website. Each student gets 1000 votes, and the option to cast from 1 to 3 votes for each topic, depending on how much they prioritize the issue. Currently, the posts range from expanding fresh fruit options at dining halls, to improving current auditorium and theater spaces on campus, to prioritize moving snow removal on sidewalks around campus (this has the highest number of votes, with 226). Suggestions are organized by vote count, from high to low.

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