Not Long Now, a senior choreography showcase

Not Long Now, a senior choreography showcase by Emma Blue Russo, opened today at Stuart Theatre. The show is impressive on many counts: the eight dance numbers are set entirely to the music of James Blake and it is relatively unprecedented to give a student full reign of Stuart.

The first act explores themes of “urgency, coping, and healing through movement” while the second presents a series of dances drawn from influences on Russo’s creative identity as a choreographer. From inspired choreography to talented performers, aided by music that draws on elements of funk and electro-pop, the show is a cohesive production of dance, light, and sound.


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A glimpse of imPulse’s 12th Spring Show, IMPULSE RISES

imPulse Dance Company, Brown’s premiere hip-hop dance group, took the stage at Alumnae Hall last night for the first of two sold out performances of this year’s spring show, IMPULSE RISES.

The groups’s 26 student dancers and choreographers performed 16 pieces and an interlude, with a guest performance by Brown Badmaash, Brown’s South Asian fusion group. This year’s show centered around a theme of superheroes and villains–and even had a semblance of a storyline as the company explored their alter egos, in pieces like high-energy full company numbers “Impulse Rises,”in which the dancers resembled cogs in a perfectly running machine, and “Gays of Our Lives,” a delightfully un-heteronormative love story told through a medium that easily falls prey to compulsory boy/girl pairings.

The group numbers were accompanied by powerful, humorous, and intimately gorgeous duets like “Feelin’ Myself,” “Mouth Music,” and “Latch.” All of the numbers left the audience with questions like: How are they so bendy? How do they jump that high? How are they all so attractive? Just…how???

If you are still recovering from last night’s show and want to relive it, are just excited for tonight or are unlucky enough to not have scored a ticket to what may be the best performance at Brown this year, enjoy these rare photos of the superheroes and villains in action…


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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: the imPulse show

At 7 p.m. on both Friday, February 28 and Saturday, March 1, imPulse Dance Company will showcase their illest moves and choreography in Alumnae Hall. In anticipation for their spring show, the company released a new video, which is one of the best official promos for dance I’ve seen at Brown. If you’ve been missing out on Brown’s dance scene, this show is a great opportunity to watch one of campus’s most talented companies. Hooligans: the imPulse Show will guest star Static Noyze Dance Company, Dexter’s Lab, and Brown’s own Badmaash & Attitude Dance Company. Get your tickets at J. Walter Wilson 11 a.m.–2 p.m. Monday through Friday and online for $5 or at the door for $7. Don’t get turnt away; get turnt.

And if you can’t wait ’till next weekend for some quality hip hop, ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary moves, Fusion’s last performance of their 31st annual spring show is tonight at 8 p.m. in Alumnae Hall. Don’t miss out!

Video via Edith Young, a staff writer for BlogDailyHerald.