Indy tops The Herald in extra innings kickball thriller on Pembroke Field

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College Hill ‘Dependent 6, Herald 5. The Herald regrets the error. The overall Herald vs. Indy series record now stands at 12 for The Herald and 4 for the Indy.

Round XV: The Herald clinches yet another kickball victory


The good guys always come out on top.

In the fifteenth round of The Herald v. the College Hill ‘Dependent semesterly kickball rivalry, your athletic friends from the BDH Beta Delta Eta were victorious yet again.

The game lasted a total of five innings, with the final score rounding off at 13-4. Herald Senior Staff Writer Dante O’Connell ’16 earned himself an MVP title for killer work in the outfield, as did General Manager Sam Plotner ’14 for driving home several runs.

In the spirit of camaraderie, the greatest publication you will ever meet—and the worst—joined hands after the game and sang a nice kumbaya. Just kidding—we played another inning just for fun, and no one from the Indy scored.

Saturday’s victory brings the all-time Herald versus Indy record to 12-3 (which is what happens when one team brings tennis shoes to an athletic event and the other brings cigarettes).

Thanks for another great win, Indy staffers, and see you next semester! (We hear hipsters tend to bloom in the spring, so we’re expecting big things.)

Round XIV: The Herald is victorious, obviously


The few, the proud.

Our winning streak just sees no sign of stopping.

In the fourteenth installment of The Herald’s semesterly clobbering kickball game against the College Hill ‘Dependent, the good guys have secured yet another win against the Indy, with a final score of 7-6.

The battle lasted a merciful eight innings and featured a number of all-star performances from Herald staffers. Staff Writer Michael Dubin ’16 earned his MVP title for a stellar performance as a first baseman, and Design Editor Brisa Bodell ’15 was named MVP for her unmatched team spirit and for staring down the face of death to get a W with an injury in the field. City & State Editor Adam Toobin ’15 also gets props for a game winning catch, which was promptly followed by a wave of Indy tears.

This brings the final Herald-Indy series record to 11-3. And some friendly athletic advice, Indy players: It helps if you don’t smoke cigarettes while playing a sport. Also, tennis shoes.

(But seriously, props for being good sports, and see ya next year!)

Round XIII: Herald > ‘Dependent

Another semester, another victory.

The biannual kickball extravaganza between The Herald and the Indy ended, as always, in Herald glory. A six-run first inning and an outstanding display by Adam Toobin ’15 sandwiched a dominant 13-9 victory for the good guys.

A sound beating.

The MVPs of the game are Oliver Rosenbloom ’13 and Alex Kaplan ’14 with a HR each, and Liz Carr ’14 and her accomplice Drew with run-saving grabs in the field.

The Indy tried its very stripe-laden best, first extending the game from six to nine innings, then pulling a mystical run from the sky and finally recruiting two innocent baseball-tossing athletes to pinch kick and make the final score a tad less embarrassing. Keep trying, boys and girls.

The all-time series now stands at 10-3, and the 122nd editorial board follows in its elders’ footsteps by retiring undefeated.

The victorious.

BEHIND THE HEADLINE: Rainy with a side of kickball

In a careful reading of today’s Diamonds and Coal, you may have caught wind of a long-standing tradition, combining newspaper nerds, competitive spirits and one of the greatest games ever invented. Yes, the time has come. Today marks the occasion of the tenth Herald v Indy kickball game.

With an all time record of 6-3, Herald, this is not something to be taken lightly.

Taunts and jeers aside, we head to Pembroke Field once again to show off that not only can we produce a newspaper, but we can kick(ball) some ass.