Apply to be a Meiklejohn for 2014-2015


A new semester has begun, and Meiklejohns are back in action, continuing to help freshmen navigate the difficult and, at times, anxiety-inducing world of Banner. If you are experiencing awe and envy at the sight of Meiks guiding their designated disciples and feel like you have helpful advice (and a shoulder for crying on), hesitate no further: Apply to be a Meiklejohn for the Class of 2018! The Meik Leadership Committee is holding information sessions on Tuesday (1/28), Wednesday (1/29), and Thursday (1/30) at 7 p.m. in Wilson 101 (and yes, there is free Kabob and Curry involved). Applications are due Tuesday, February 11th at noon and can be found here. Remember, success will mean the ownership of a bright and punny t-shirt.

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