Sans Meal Plan: Finding Inspiration

We all know that finding the inspiration to cook can be trying at times.  I plan so many more meals than I actually crank out, as the idea of a dish is sometimes more appealing than actually doing the work.  And let’s face the facts, sometimes it’s just easier to heat a can of soup, or make pasta (again), or even run to Nice Slice for a quick dinner.  Despite this, the therapeutic qualities of cooking your own food are undeniable and I am going to share with you some of the many places where I find inspiration to put down the ramen and get out the cutting board.

One of the first places you can begin your path to culinary obsession is, of course, television.  If the Food Network isn’t enough to get you salivating, then I think you’re on a path to hopelessness.  I can remember when my love for cooking began and I started watching the Food Network regularly, my father used to come into the living room and say, “why are you watching the food porn channel?” Continue Reading