Science says: Partying makes you smarter

Graph made using GSS by Blog staff

Okay, not quite. But someone over at Discover had a bit too much time on their hands. Using apparently existing stats on alcohol consumption and demographics, the blogger produced drinking data on various cross tabs of the population, including religion, gender, and region.

But perhaps the most relevant to Brown students would be the finding that people who drink more scored higher on a vocabulary test.

Obviously that’s not to say that the drinking made these people have better vocabularies. It’s correlative, not causative (or some mumbo jumbo I don’t remember from high school Stats class). But it may make you feel a little less guilty about the Friday night activities you’re about to engage in.

In case you have an entirely different conception of an awesome Friday night, you can create your own cross tabs if you want to check Discover‘s work or if you’re curious about other demographic trends.

Party on, Garth.