Frosh-cessities: A guide to summer opportunities

“So… what are you doing this summer?” — maybe the worst question since that dreaded “Where are you heading next year?” you might have gotten from relatives, your dentist, or strangers your senior year of high school.

Have no idea where to start your search? Have no idea people did things over the summer? Blog has you covered with an overview of some different options, especially for you precocious but overwhelmed first-years.

Taking Classes

Some students stay at Brown to take classes over the summer. It’s a great opportunity to take a class you might not have time for in your normal schedule during the year, or to get a concentration requirement out of the way. Despite the shorter term, each class counts as a full course credit because they meet more frequently. You can take up to two courses a summer, and up to four summer classes can count towards your degree. Classes are paid à la carteHere’s the current course catalogue for Summer 2016. Pre registration for summer courses runs from April 1 – 21.

You can also take classes at another university and petition for transfer credit. This needs to be arranged through the Dean of the College, because Brown’s course hours might not match up with the other school. If you’d like to get credit counted towards your concentration, you should double check with the department, because often departments are strict on what courses can fulfill a Brown equivalent.

RISD classes are also offered during the summer. Note that while RISD classes are included in Brown tuition for the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms, Summer classes are not included. More information hereUp to four RISD classes can count towards your Brown degree.

If you’re sticking around Brown for the summer, whether for classes, research, an internship, or something else, you can pay for Brown summer housing, or get a sublet in the neighborhood (there are always many options available, as juniors and seniors who live off campus desperately want to find subletters). You can also apply to be a Summer@Brown residential assistant (for high school students) and live in dorms over the summer for free. Many students enjoy spending the summer in Providence, for the free concerts and events, the warm weather, or for the change in pace and community from during the year.

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BrownConnect and what it means for your job search

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.01.07 PM

If you haven’t read President Paxson’s email or The Herald‘s article about it yet, the BrownConnect website officially launched today. The site, which was proposed as a part of President Paxson’s strategic plan, is designed to give students the best opportunities possible in order to build on their education during the summer. Whether that means an internship in San Francisco or research on College Hill, there’s now a single place for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to consult in order to help them navigate through what can be a very stressful process.

BrownConnect’s design will certainly help its cause. After logging in like you would to any other Brown website (Canvas, the JIB, etc.), you will see a crisp red, gray, and brown home page with portals for both current students and alumni. I wonder where they got the color scheme from? Anyway, once you enter the student side of the site, you can search directly for internships, alumni connections, and funding opportunities. Alternatively, you could take a look at one of the featured positions below the search bar.

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First date or job interview? The similarities may surprise you.

We’re in the heat of internship season, which means hours of internship searches, resume edits, and interview preparation. Valentine’s Day has come and gone and the next holiday that suggests gift-giving/relationship-labeling is far away, which means it’s also a perfect time to catch a few first dates.

In the midst of studying for midterms, prepping for the interview, and finding a suitable outfit, you may find yourself dazed and confused to the point that you’re asking yourself, “Is this an interview… or a date?” While the two have different stakes at hand, the processes are eerily similar. Check out the diagram below to decide whether you’re grabbing coffee with a romantic interest or a future employer.


Frosh-cessities: Summer 2013

Okay, so The Parent Trap also happens to be my favorite movie.

Okay, so The Parent Trap also happens to be my favorite movie.

The summer after freshman year is looming, and while the new season brings the promise of warm weather (unlike springtime in Providence), some of you 2016ers are still scrambling to secure post-May 17th plans. For four years, however, I’ve highly anticipated Summer 2013 – the summer I will finally be of age to work at the all-girls camp I attended for six summers. My friends can vouch for how much I incessantly talk about adore this place. But this winter, despite already having signed the counselor contract, I had a few weak moments of self-doubt. I felt pressured to do something a bit more “legit,” socially acceptable, serious, resume-worthy, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, if I were lucky, the CareerLAB gods and goddesses would send down an internship, which would affirm that history, political science, public policy, urban studies whatever I’m planning to declare is the right concentration for me. My decision to work in Maine felt more like a juvenile risk and an excuse not to go to CareerLAB inteview for a “real” job/internship.  But after reading a NYT article (I promise I don’t regularly read the NYT parenting blog) and some sort of epiphany, I realized that I seriously needed to STFU stop letting societal and self-pressures influence me.

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Blog Goes Abroad: Wait, I have to be a real person?

Paris Ana

Other than checking my Bank of America statements online, I don’t really get many reality checks abroad. I go about my days eating bread, drinking wine, and watching non-French TV on non-French websites. It’s a simple life, really. Until I go on Facebook, and read about so-and-so’s internship in New York/D.C./San Francisco this summer. I scoff, take another swig of wine, and think, “Ha. Internships.”

And then I think, “Shit. Internships.” The most dreaded yet sought after word in a college student’s vocabulary. I thought studying abroad would allow me to disconnect myself from the stress of on-campus life (i.e. conversations in the Blue Room about interviews on Wall Street; “daddy’s friend” helping someone out during the job search; the endless stream of Career Lab e-mails). Instead, I get brief but painful reminders that I’m graduating next May and will be forced to become a real person, and it’s terrifying. Continue Reading

Writing your cover letter: A Mad Lib

(BlogDH) Cover LetterIt’s application season. You’ve bookmarked internship sites, done your research, and have even perfected your handshake. But goddamnit, you just can’t get yourself to write that application. Girls is just so much more interesting, and, application-writing is just so…well, boring. We’ve made you a handy dandy Mad Lib to entertain you and expedite the arduous internship application process. Body humor is still funny. Who knew? See our suggestions after the jump. You’ll totally get the job with our help (pause…not).  Continue Reading