We sat down with American Politics Professor Wendy Schiller to discuss House of Cards

Recently, we interviewed Wendy Schiller, Professor of Political Science, to discuss the latest season of Politics 101 House of Cards. Her Introduction to the American Political Process and The American Presidency courses are favorites among the student body, and she has numerous years of experience working in Washington D.C. with real Frank Underwoods, Doug Stampers, and Jackie Sharps. She first started watching the show after her students raved about it in her various classes. After some Spring Break bingeing, she was ready for the interview. Her wealth of knowledge made for an enlightening and slightly terrifying interview.

Be forewarned: SPOILERS LIE AHEAD. If you haven’t finished the second season, well, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. But also avoid the following interview if you are as emotionally invested in the show as most of its viewers. Without further ado, BlogDailyHerald presents to you an exclusive interview with the one, the only, Wendy Schiller:

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Keep Calm and Bergeron: A parting interview with the Dean of the College


If you know anything about BlogDH, you probably know that we’re obsessed with the Dean of the College, Katherine Bergeron. In semesters past, we’ve: created and played BergeMash (verisons 1.0 and 2.0), our proprietary game that we lovingly named after Dean B; deconstructed her Facebook page; photoshopped her into some of the most bizarre situations; and created those “Keep Calm and Bergeron” stickers you’ve been seeing on laptops and water bottles all over campus.

And yet with all of this obsessing over KBerge, you would think that we had met her before. The truth is that we hadn’t. As KBerge’s biggest fans, while we know that her new appointment as president of Connecticut College is incredibly well-deserved, we were saddened to hear the news that she was leaving College Hill in January. So we decided to reach out to see if she’d be interested in sitting down with us to do a parting interview, as we typically do with graduating seniors for our Last Call column. We were absolutely thrilled when she invited us to her office to chat, and we’re even more excited to present this Last Call of epic proportions. Read our full interview with the Brunonian legend after the jump.  Continue Reading

BlogDH Exclusive: Interview with ‘The Blue Room Door-Breaker’


As BlogDH has noted in the past, doors are not Brown’s strong suit. But their infamy rose by 100000% last night, when a frustrated and hungry student, Anthony Kanellopoulos ’16, accidentally shattered one of the Blue Room’s glass doors. A gracious and good-humored Kanellopoulos agreed to sit down with Blog—in the Blue Room itself—to tell us his story.

BlogDailyHerald: Alright, so, we’ll start with this–you are in fact the person who broke the Blue Room door?
Kanellopoulos: Just one door.

BlogDH: Okay, just one door.
K: Um, how about you don’t shout?

BlogDH: [Laughs] Alright. So give us a play-by-play.
K: I was about to leave the Blue Room. I was inside, and it was closing. I was about to step out. And the girl at the counter says to use the other door. So I’m like, “OK, I’ll use the other door.” The glass doors are almost closed, so I’m like, “I might as well shut these and go through the other side.” So I grab it to close it, and the moment I just pull it a little bit [mimes an explosion] that happens.

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BTV premiere tonight! Interview with BTV Director Yotam Tubul ’14

With BTV’s spring slate of shorts ready to premiere tonight, BlogDH sat down with Yotam Tubul ’14, the director of Afterlife Sentence, the longest of the four films. He had plenty to say about life, love, and movies (minus life and love).

Kevin Kelly ’15 in Afterlife Sentence

BlogDH: Tell me about the BTV Premiere and why people should go.

Yotam: It’s Monday night in Salomon, which is really cool because it’s the biggest venue we’ve had for it and it’s a big screen and it’s right on campus. [Then he talked a lot about BTV logistics, info you can probably find somewhere on this website.] It’s a lot of people’s work over the course of a semester gone into one night, four short films. It’s a testament to really cool group efforts and hopefully really good filmmaking.

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