ADUCK: Visiting students of a different kind


Ducks. They’re so hot right now. Ducks.

It seems that not only humans want to go to Brown. Over the past few days, the Main Green has become the playground for two friendly ducks, and the SciLi the nest for another. Yeah, that large vase/pot in the Scili Desert surrounded by yellow police tape isn’t a crime scene or an MCM thesis. This vase allegedly has become the plush, feathery nest of a mother duck caring for her eggs. You heard right, friends. Soon, we will welcome a batch of ducklings to our school!!! (I wonder what they got on their SATs…)

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Time-waster of the day: November 11, 2011

For this once-in-a-decade day, we’ve opted for a time-waster that is equally special. When our bosses at the Herald told us that we had to write more timely and news-oriented blog posts, we desperately racked our brains for ideas. Then, in an instant, we figured everything out. We found the most on point, informative site we could ever hope to link our readers to: We hope that you find it as helpful as we have.