A Thousand Words: This is in Keeney??

Well, this surely must be one of the two most exciting changes to a Brown residence hall this summer.  Above is an almost-too-good-to-be-true photo of a photo of a redone conference room in Kee-nasty Keeney.  A conference room that actually looks like a nice study space? In Keeney? Impossible.

It seems the renovations the Corporation promised in the spring are already in full swing. Though the remodeling might create an underground betting circle on how long it takes the new Freshmen to break every exit sign in the dorm and/or make that nice carpet a much sadder shade (Ed.- that table does look to be about the right dimensions for a nice game of ruit), we are definitely looking forward to reports on how the rest of the updated dorms look.

Photo courtesy of Michael Gale ’14.

Spotted at the Ratty: the Elusive chocolate chip bagel

We've graphed a bagel, now you solve for DELICIOUS

They’re rare, but oh, they’re good.

They’re gooey good.

Image via.