The Beatles Finally Hit iTunes

Beatles For Sale!

If you decide to check out the iTunes store or Apple homepage today, be prepared to find yourself awed by the following announcement: Apple has finally secured rights to The Beatles catalog.

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Frosh-cessities: A Rounded iTunes Library

Courtesy of Apple Insider

Allow me to preface this installment of Frosh-cessities by saying that the recommendations in this post are, of course, subjective, and everybody’s allowed to have their own tastes. Anytime somebody decides to make recommendations about music there’s always an inevitable backlash that a certain band is “played out” or “old.”  To the hypothetical haters,  your iTunes may be replete with a bunch of “indie” bands with unnecessary consonant repetition in their names, or made up completely of discographies because “albums are the only way to listen to music”–but in the end, this post will still exist as a testament to suitable music for all times at college ranging from meticulously assembling problem sets to mentally preparing for FishCo. Stardust says “Music Sounds Better with You,” but I’d say Brown sounds better with music. My take on music and college, complete with personal recommendations, after the jump.  Continue Reading