John Carter (BROWN)

Ever wondered what makes March 9 special? Besides Barbie’s birthday (homegirl’s looking good for 53, y’all!) and a strange holiday only referred to as “Panic Day,” March 9 also marks the release date of Disney’s newest Avatar ripoff  feature film: John Carter.

Of course, we couldn’t help noticing that the movie’s title bears a strange resemblance to a familiar big name on campus — none other than the big JCB himself: John Carter Brown. Which got us thinking: what if, instead of chronicling the adventures of a shirtless he-man fighting off an army of extraterrestrial humanoids, the movie were a little more… Brunonian? What if John Carter became John Carter BROWN? Granted, a sci-fi epic about a 19th-century book collector with a map fetish probably wouldn’t make for as interesting a movie, but a boy can dream. Behold, after the jump, our visions for an epic adventure story based on the life of everyone’s favorite cartophile:

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JCB’s Patrick Tardieu on Haiti’s recently discovered Declaration of Independence

Courtesy of Duke University

Duke graduate student Julia Gaffield was lucky enough to stumble upon Haiti’s only known copy of its Declaration of Independence while researching in Britain’s National Archives in London recently. Here’s what the JCB’s Patrick Tardieu, who recently arrived to Brown from Haiti after the quake, had to say about it, excerpted from National Geographic:

… Gaffield consulted with Patrick Tardieu, a noted Haitian archivist who is now a fellow at Brown University’s John Carter Brown Library, to confirm the document’s authenticity.

“Its discovery is important news for Haiti’s scholarly community and more broadly for the people of Haiti.”

“I was so happy to find out it was true,” said Tardieu, the chief conservator of one of Haiti’s oldest libraries. “It is an important document, and its discovery is important news for Haiti’s scholarly community and more broadly for the people of Haiti.