Mazel Tov to ‘The Golem’

Longing for the old country? Wish you could have studied abroad in Prague? Missed your cousin’s wedding because of an exam? Well then you will love PW’s production of “The Golem… or Get These Nazis Out of My Wedding” written and directed by Phoebe Nir ’14. This show is more fun than my bat mitzvah, granted I’m not Jewish, but now I wish I were.

Set in 1938 Prague, Nir’s interactive play transports the audience to a secret Jewish wedding after the Nazis have invaded and outlawed any such ceremony. A smart mix of written material, improv, and audience participation creates the unexpectedly wild and comedic ride through romance, secrecy, and Nazi violations. I don’t want to ruin the many surprises Phoebe has in store, but be ready to eat, dance, and be merry—oy vey, someone is getting married, remember!

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