BlogDH Presents: BergeMash

Alas, as of 5:00 p.m. yesterday, the great experimental time known as shopping period drew to a close. It’s time to actually buy your books get to work. Now that you’ve accepted your fate for the semester and picked your four (or, if you’re an overachiever, five) classes, you will find yourself looking longingly at a friend’s syllabus for a class you never heard about, and it will have Fifty Shades of Grey on its reading list. You can be bummed that you missed out on taking this class… or you can make up your own that’s even better. Enter BergeMash.

What’s BergeMash, you may ask? Named after Brown’s beloved Dean of the College, BergeMash perfectly combines Dean Bergeron’s musical and academic interests in a hilariously fun and mentally stimulating game.

The task is simple. Open up your iTunes. Pick a song. Take the title, add a colon to the end, and turn it into a Brown class offered by a specific department. Check out some of our own creations after the jump. (We can definitely see some of these classes being taught here. Next semester, K. Berge?)

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But where are the hoop earrings?

There’s more than one Dean Bergeron?! Not in our hearts.

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Welcome @DeanKathyB

Never one to miss out on a new trend — though being fashionably late is acceptable — K.Berge jumps into the fray.

Did you really read that Dean of the College email?

Focal Point website

Look how aesthetically pleasing!

If not, check your archive again.  The email announced a new web site called Focal Point, which provides brief information about concentration programs all on one page.  It’s primarily designed for underclassmen to explore their options, but we think it’s worth a look anyway–if only because it’s really, really pretty. The thumbnails above are taken from the departments’ own websites, and apparently lots of them study old buildings and fall leaves. If you’re an upperclassman wondering where your concentration might lead you once you graduate, check out the information about what recent grads are doing in the real world. (Spoiler alert: you’re likely to end up in academia or in investment banking.)

Post- Editors’ Top 10: Ways to balance the budget

1. Shrink Katherine Bergeron’s “bedazzle my cape” fund.

2. Downgrade the CIT’s furnished atrium from MTC Cribs-worthy to semi-luxyry.

3. Hey, let’s give List to RISD.

4. Stop funding the Indy. Lord knows they need the controversy.

5. Ruth Simmons could share some of her monies.

6. Bake(d!!) sale.

7. Fire three deans. give Alice a raise.

8. Replace omelet line with umlaut line. Bëëf Tips: It’s what’s for dinner.

9. Cut Safewalk; walk dangerously.

10. Get rid of DPS Segways, replace them with pogo sticks.

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