Keepin’ it Reel: Moneyball

Keepin’ It Reel is a weekly to biweekly movie column that aims to do reviews the Brown way: by waxing philosophical and perhaps using the word “hegemony.” If there’s an upcoming movie that you, gentle reader, would like reviewed, don’t only mildly hesitate to place your requests below.

Moneyball tells the story of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), manager of the Oakland A’s (whose mascot either is the letter “A” or a really tiny elephant) and controversial pioneer in applying statistical reductionism (“sabermetrics“) to America’s Favorite Pastime. Along the way, Billy befriends a Yale econ grad (Jonah Hill), has a falling out with his team manager (Phillip Seymour Hoffman), and even learns a little about being a father. If that sounds about as thrilling as, say, a “Facebook movie”, then you’re actually onto something: this little ditty was written by West Wing mastermind and recent guest of Brown Aaron Sorkin. But that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near as good. Continue Reading

Keepin’ it Reel: Biutiful

Showing this week at the Avon

Biutiful is a ringing endorsement of this, our best of all possible worlds. It finds Uxbal (Javier Bardem) in the grim “underbelly” of modern Barcelona, which teems with undocumented immigrants and their exploitative supervisors, corrupt cops, and a general haze of cigarette smoke and desperation. Things aren’t going too well for old Uxbal: There’s only enough money to feed his two children cereal and fish. His bipolar ex-wife sleeps around, including with Uxbal’s brother. He believes himself to be a benevolent force in a number of complex immigrant money-making schemes, but those are unraveling before his eyes. And to top it all off, Uxbal is dying. In short, things couldn’t be better. Continue Reading

Keepin’ it Reel: ‘The Justin Bieber Movie’

Now playing in 3D at Providence Place

I must admit, I’d originally all-but-written this review even before I saw Never Say Never. From the crack about never having asked the BDH for a film refund until now, to the effusively praising and transparently sarcastic tone, to even the requisite Tiger Beat photo; it was all planned out. But at some point in my sitting alone in a theater full of exuberant girls and their exasperated parents (and some 35 year old woman who seems to have come of her own volition..), a more intriguing question began to plague me: Why read this review?

We all already know it’s shit – Continue Reading

Keepin’ it Reel: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is currently playing at Providence Place Cinema and is coming soon to the Avon.

First, the facts: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are the two halves of a dying relationship. The latter is nominated for Best Actress. The film vacillates between love’s adorable beginning and its alienating end, which might remind some of (500) Days of Summer. Yes, you may have heard about the sex (it was previously rated NC-17), but it’s the passionless, robotic kind that makes you want to question the idea of sex in the first place. It has a run-time of one hour and fifty-four minutes. Blue Valentine is not a happy movie. Continue Reading

Keepin’ it Reel: Harry Potter 7

What a crazy night – my friends and I arrived to Providence Place around 10:00 to a veritable Hogwarts’ Great Hall of both committed Potter fans and muggles. It was a great day for the scarlet-and-gold scarf and tie industry, and there were more makeshift Scotch-taped pencil-wands than you could shake a makeshift Scotch-taped pencil-wand at. It was definitely an event; all four showings were sold out, and the single line we were in had 175 people in front of us, with maybe 100 behind. Adding insult to injury: No sitting! Fire hazard! Despite these troubles, we magically managed to grab some nice seats and hunkered down for the extra hour before the film started. Green Lantern trailer looks great, btw.

But to the movie itself: Wow! It’s an intense and perfectly paced globetrotting adventure that doesn’t shy away from throwing at you everything and the kitchen sink. Continue Reading

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