Free food digest: March 7, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.

Pfizer Postdoctoral Program
12-1 p.m.
Biomed 202

Want to grab some “exciting opportunities for young scientists”? Want to grab some refreshments? Just love Pfizer? See you there.

Hearing Radmilla screening
6-8 p.m.
Smitty B 202

Enjoy and discuss a documentary about the biracial winner of the ’97-’98 Ms. Navajo title… while also snacking.

WiSE Dinner Date with Prof. Ken Miller
7-8 p.m.
Science Center (SciLi 3rd floor)

Hang out with members of Women in Science and Engineering while eating Shanghai and listening to Prof. Ken Miller, BIO 200 guru, expound on the universe. (Apparently he’ll answer “any questions you have.”) Free food. And Ken Miller. Did we mention the Ken Miller part?

NYT Magazine features our very own Ken Miller ’70!

While procrastinating taking a study break, I stumbled upon a slideshow in the New York Times Magazine style section titled “Class Acts,” a short compilation of university professors who “make academia look good” [NYT]. I had looked at chic professors from Harvard, Franklin & Marshall, and UPenn, and was beginning to wonder if all hope was lost for Brown when there it was — a darkly lighted photograph of biology Professor Ken Miller ’70 in a bio lab rockin’ Levi’s jeans, a Brooks Brother’s shirt and a killer Jil Sander Coat. One more reason to get pumped for Bio0200 y’all!!

Check out the rest of the slide show here!

The same ten questions we always ask: Ken Miller ’70 P ’02, professor of biology

Ken Miller ’70 P ’02 is a professor of biology and is nationally reputed for his debates against anti-evolutionists. Miller was the plaintiff’s lead expert witness in the famous Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case in which he challenged the school board’s requirement of teaching creationism alongside evolution.

But he is more  famous among his students, Miller previously told The Herald, for his 2006 appearance on a certain Comedy Central program: “I don’t know if this is a sad commentary on the state of American higher education, but nothing I’ve done in my whole scientific career has gained me as much credibility among my students as appearing on ‘The Colbert Report.’”

The Herald gave Professor Miller a diamond back in 2004 for defending evolution as a fact witness in Selman v. Cobb County — but also a coal earlier this year for being appointed to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (“How can we even be sure he was appointed?”). I propose that we either retract his coal, or give him another diamond for taking the time to answer these ten questions:

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