The nightmare before Thanksgiving: Kennedy Plaza

The quiet before the storm

The calm before the storm.

As you may have learned, Amtrak tickets are overpriced, and Megabus can be sketchy. In the face of these less-than-attractive alternatives, many will opt to take Peter Pan/Greyhound buses that depart from Kennedy Plaza. For those of you following this strategy, there are some things you need to know.

Your ticket will only get you halfway there.

READ: A ticket does NOT guarantee you a seat on the bus. Peter Pan always overbooks its buses. Last year Long ago, one could purchase a “reserved seat” for an extra $5. This was akin to the system where all the rich people on the Titanic got to board the limited supply of life boats while everyone else was left to freeze, the only difference being that K-Plaza in November is slightly colder than the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Seriously, watch out for icebergs on your way down the Hill.

In any case, Peter Pan has done away with this ticket-reserve policy, so now plebeians and bourgeois alike get to vie for their seat on the bus equally. Continue Reading

Ice skating at Kennedy Plaza ends on March 17th

The ice skating rink at the Bank of America City Center downtown has been one of the only reminders of the winter season this year. However, this popular wintertime retreat is coming to a close once again on March 17th (St. Patty’s Day, if I must remind you). This week the rink began special End of Season hours, which are now Mondays through Fridays from 2PM to 10PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 10PM. The whole shebang will cost you $10 ($6 for entry, $4 for skates).

So bid adieu to the winter with one last hoorah at the ice skating rink this weekend…if you have time, that is. There will be a lot going on. Choose wisely.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE SKATING!

Starbucks’s frothy drinks have recently been injected with an extra shot of holiday spirit.  Their merry cups, which originally made an appearance on November 2, are now being filled with Signature Holiday Drinks and accompanied by Christmas music.  Now that 4 p.m. marks sunset, it’s almost time to whip out our fingerless wool gloves and Russian hats.  As we dip our toes in the pool of holiday spirit and Christmas Cheer, Providence is marking the beginning of the holiday season with its own tradition: outdoor ice skating in Kennedy Plaza.

Saturday November 20th marks the opening of Kennedy Plaza’s ice rink.  Head down there any time after 5 pm, rent some skates, and enjoy! If you don’t want to spend your Saturday night ice skating, you can also go on Sunday from 11am to 10pm. Tickets are $6 for adults and an additional $4 for skate rentals, unless you have your own. Even better, the ice skating rink will be holding College Skate Night every Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm for the reduced price of $3 for admission and $3 for skate rentals, according to their website. They must have heard the news about FishCo.

Just remember to check your pride at the rink gate.  Nothing says winter like able-bodied adults sliding on their stomachs across a pool of solid ice.

Before heading downtown, layer up and bring a few extra dollars for some après-skate hot chocolate!  Even if it turns out you don’t have a future as an Olympic figure skater, at least you can cross this off of your Providence bucket list.

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