Date rape drugs used on campus

Last night, Dean Margaret Klawunn, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services, wrote in an email to the student body that two students had reported being given drinks spiked with date rape drugs at a party at a fraternity in Sears House, on Friday, October 17. One student has also reported being sexual assaulted later that night. Klawunn asks that, “if you have any information about either the suspected use of a date rape drug or the sexual assault, please contact Sergeant John Carvalho at the Department of Public Safety, 401-863-3322 as the incidents are under active investigation.”

Klawunn reminded the student body that according the university’s Code of Conduct, any student found guilty of distributing a date rape drug will be “separated from the University.”

Brown is now taking steps to ensure the safety of the student body, including suspending the organization that hosted the event and reviewing the university alcohol service policies. DPS sent out a notice earlier this week on the dangers of spiked drinks and how to stay safe at party, which can be found here. Please, remember to think about what you are drinking and where it came from; make your own drinks, don’t leave your cup unattended, and watch out for your friends.

The DPS emergency number is (401) 863-4111, and there is also a Special Victims Unit to help victims sexual assault, reachable at (401) 863-3322. The University Sexual Assault Response Line can be contacted at (401) 863-6000, at any time of day or night.

Students “Stand with Lena” against Brown’s sexual assault policy

Yesterday, at about 11:00 a.m., some 50 students and community members gathered at the Van Wickle Gates to hear Lena Sclove ‘15.5 speak about her experience as a rape victim at Brown. The above is a video recording of her speech, in which Lena discusses the attack, reporting the sexual assault, pursuing disciplinary action, and the ultimate decision of the administration to suspend her rapist for only one year. Despite her having appealed the decision, he will be back next fall, while she still has three semesters left at Brown. For more information, read The Herald’s article here, and Bluestockings Magazine’s response to the press conference here.

A petition has been started by students that asks the university to require “anyone found responsible for sexual misconduct be suspended until the person they have assaulted graduates, or until two years have passed (whichever is longer).”

Dean Klawunn sent out an email yesterday afternoon, acknowledging that “important discussions of sexual assault awareness, prevention, and related conduct policies are taking place at Brown and on campuses across the country,” and stating that today’s Brown University Community Council meeting will discuss the university’s policies regarding sexual assault. The meeting will be from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in Hillel, and it’s open to all interested students.