What your lanyard says about you


They say a foolproof way to identify a first-year is by simply looking at the way they dress and act. If said first-year is clad head-t0- toe in Brown gear (socks included) and basically looks like the human embodiment of “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield as he/she struts down the Main Green snapchatting every squirrel in sight, then you’ve probably got yerself a freshie! It’s important not to overlook certain subtleties, however, such as the way they sport their shiny new Brown lanyards. Here is a guide to deciphering your new first-year friends through their lanyard styles!

Hanging around the neck

Here we have the standard model. These freshmen thrive on efficiency and know how forgetful they may get. I mean, it’s going to be a hectic first few weeks juggling shopping period schedules and take-out plates, and you’re bound to lose your ID if it’s not within a 2 inch radius of you the whole time. Also, these freshies just feel ridiculously #blessed to be at Brown and rightfully so (open curriculum + Gail)! They have no problem flaunting every Brown item they own, and are incredibly optimistic about their college years. Oh, to be young again…
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