(Weird) crime@Brown, part 3: Larceny edition

Curious about the photo?

Though we’ve taken a break since our last “informational” report on the crime scene at Brown, crime has kept on coming in vast waves… kind of like hurricane Superstorm Sandy (Cohen). Time to catch up, Brunonians!

12 December ’11, 8:09 a.m.:  This Shit is Bananas… literally

This is a personal favorite of ours—the assistant director of the Creative Arts Center said that persons unknown entered the building and a stole a banana-shaped pillow that was part of Brown student’s art project. She sent out an e-mail to the building staff asking if anyone had seen said pillow, but no one was able to provide any information. We have concluded that this must be a crime of vengeance from the Fruit of the Loom gang. If not, we simply don’t understand the rationale behind this.

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