The Fall of Fall

If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to hold on to these last days of autumn. You find yourself Snapchatting trees that stop you in your tracks, or picking leaves up off of the sidewalk to press into your journal. Your walks have gotten longer as your fingers have gotten colder and your sneakers are always crunching through the fallen heroes of the season.

What’s that? That’s just me? You, like, actually do your homework?

Visit the library?


Okay, well you’ll be feeling this autumnal nostalgia soon enough when the temperature drops below zero and the world is colorless and bleak. While most of the leaves have lost their luster, some remain.

To capture these the last of this season, I got out my angstiest camera lens and went for a nice little wander throughout campus ~a le flâneur. Fortunately, the sky was especially dismal for me to capture this deeply poetic season for your sadboi viewing pleasure (read: my self-gratification). I encourage you to track down each of these trees and sit under them for a while until you encounter some deep enlightenment or freeze to death — whichever comes first.

Without further ado or anymore obnoxious clichés, I present to you mediocre photos of trees:

These pure #nofilter trees truly capture the beauty of Ruth Simmons. Sit under them while wearing a scarf and reading Dostoyevski, and Brown’s camera guy will definitely put you in a brochure.

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Blogify: First Day of Fall


Shopping period is ending and the temperature is cruising in the low 70s which can only mean one thing: it’s officially fall. Time to pull out your favorite layers and get to stepping on some crunchy leaves. Here’s a playlist of all your favorite fall-related songs and other jams to get you ready for Providence’s moodiest season.

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FlogDailyHerald: Instagram Holidays


Who doesn’t love Instagram? With filters that turn any selfie into a filtered selfie, it’s the bona fide hipster app of the decade, which means Brown students must love it. And I do love Instagram as much as anyone. Trust me, I do. But much like the way one avoids Facebook during the Super Bowl (who wants to read 100 statuses in a row all recounting information about an event literally the entire world is watching?), there are times when every photo on your Instagram feed looks eerily similar.

What exactly is an Instagram holiday, you ask?

Instagram Holiday (n): An occasion that incites a multitude of Instagrams with similar (or the same) content. Includes real holidays as well as social events, popular sports games and natural and frequent weather patterns. 

Used in a sentence: “I think snowfall is my favorite Instagram Holiday.” 

Used in another sentence: “Excuse me professor, but tomorrow is #throwbackthursday, a very religious Instagram Holiday, so I actually will not be attending class.”

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