Songs that you hear at every Brown party


When you go to parties on campus, you may notice certain trends. For one, there’s always that freshmen couple voraciously going at it on the couch (they probably met through Brown Hookups– good for them). There’s also that person trying too hard to be the life of the party by yelling “Yeah!” or “Wooo!” and making other throaty sounds that make us slightly uncomfortable. By now, you may have also realized that there are specific songs that are played at every party you attend, no matter what. Here is a guide to understanding Brown’s favorite party music!

Turn Down for What- Lil Jon

turn down for what

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Lil Jon has done it again! This is the “Get Low” of the modern age. Have no doubt that once this song starts playing, people will go apeshit, so it may be wise to seek cover; beer will spill, and heads will roll (jk). Everyone in the room will suddenly become the grimiest versions of themselves, all the while wondering what the hell the lyrics actually mean. Hmm, is this possible MCM thesis material? You take a mental note.

Ignition (Remix)- R. Kelly

bounce bounce

Mood: It’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive!

Brunonia’s fixation with this song still puzzles me. Maybe it’s just that funky beat that makes us want to get jiggy with it. Or, maybe it’s because we have a spiritual connection with R. Kelly (eek?). I mean, it is the freaking weekend, and I AM about to have me some fun! Whoa, it’s like he gets us, you know? I once saw a boy start tearing up the moment this song began to play during a Spring Weekend party, and to this day, I still wonder if he’s doing alright.

Anaconda- Nicki Minaj


Mood: Dear flat ass, don’t fail me now!

This song allegedly spurred the “big booty” movement… I’ll let you know when I figure out exactly what this entails. Anyway, this song will have everyone werkin’ and twerkin’, and all other variations of ‘erkin. It will put you in touch with your inner Nicki Minaj, so definitely proceed with caution. Also, you may find yourself popping your booty in ways you did not think possible, so make sure to have some Icy Hot back patches for the morning after.

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