Pizza Night in the Rock and Sci-Li


If you’re like me, you probably are running dangerously low on both meal credits and points. Any opportunity for free food is a godsend. Don’t miss a great chance for free pizza this Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Brown University Libraries will host pizza night in the Rock and Sci-Li.

On Tuesday, there will be free pizza starting at 9:00 in the Sci-Li lobby, and the following night on Wednesday in the Rock lobby.

Reading period is truly a special time here at Brown, where personal hygiene goes out the window, coffee is your best friend, and stuffing yourself with over four slices of pizza is completely normal. Studying is a mental exercise so it should totally burn a ton of calories, right? Tell your friends, study groups, heck, even your professors to enjoy some pizza, and don’t forget to thank the librarians when you grab your fourth second slice. It’s first come, first serve, so don’t be late.

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BlogDailyCarrels: The best of the Rock’s pen/pencil graffiti, Part 2

As with any good art form, graffiti, particularly that which is found throughout the studious halls of the John D. Rockefeller Library, is a constantly evolving medium. Even as tidbits of wisdom from past Brown undergraduates are invariably rubbed away by the passage of time, freshly scrawled ones appear just as quickly on the desks and walls of the library, a discourse that unites the tired, over-caffeinated students of both past and present. While some of the older works still remain, a new wave of notable Rock graffiti has since begun to sweep the building—an artistic movement of small but revolutionary proportions. Witness the current denizens of the Rock encourage, cajole, and occasionally insult one another with the following five gems of life wisdom (which mainly focus on how studying really, really sucks).

You Can Do It

“You can do it :),” one of the more simplistic pieces on display. The encouragement feels unoriginal (albeit genuine), and the basic style of the smiley face indicates a lack of proper artistic training. Still, more than one hard-working student has undoubtedly taken solace from this message. 

Go Get Em Tiger

“You get ’em tiger!” As with the first picture, this piece is basic in both style and substance. With that said, the use of the colloquial ’em’ rather than the standard ‘them’ speaks to an awareness for current, ‘hip’ language trends that isn’t present in the previous example.

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PollerBears: Study grind edition

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Put on your groutfit and upgrade that drink of yours from a grande to a venti—we’re kicking into high gear. Despite the fact that we feel we’ve been writing and studying for centuries, reading period is winding to a close and we’re moving into finals territory. As deadlines and due dates approach, and, more importantly, as you anticipate donuts and visits from your naked peers, you retreat to your sanctuary where you work diligently and encounter no distractions (ha!)…at all. Tell us where you get on your study grind below.

Finals are here. What's your go-to study spot?

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Free pizza tonight at the SciLi!

Free pizza, anyone?

You know the drill: Pizza Nite repeats itself tonight at 9 p.m. in the SciLi FriSC.

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Pizza Nite is TONIGHT and tomorrow!

Pizza Nite

It’s that time of year again. The impending doom of finals also means that Pizza Nite is upon us once more. In this semesterly tradition, the library staff brings out boxes and boxes and boxes of pizza… and did I mention more boxes? (And cookies and brownies — and some apples to be healthy.)

Let them eat pizza. Rock tonight (Tuesday), SciLi tomorrow (Wednesday), both at 9 p.m.

That was good. Especially because it was free.

(Campus)Lifehacker: Hydration stations, Rock style

This is no ordinary water fountain.

If you like carrying around a water bottle, then you probably like hydration stations, or other similar devices that allow you to fill up your bottle without getting your hand wet.

Maybe you thought they were restricted to new and renovated buildings on campus, but some oldies — like the Rock — have them too. See that little button in the upper-right corner of the water fountain? Indeed, that’s an old-school hydration station. There’s no motion sensor or anything fancy like that, but it does the job well.

Needed: a water bottle to fill.

As of my last observation, the ones on the third and fourth floors work. Sadly, the basement one does not. File a Facilities service request?