Sans Meal Plan: The Anti-Recipe

Bearhead Cooking Meme

I have a pet theory that might get me crucified by the Internet’s profoundly outspoken food community: young people hate cooking because of recipes. Sure, people hate cooking for several other reasons: “fucking” dishes, “it doesn’t taste good,” “fuck buying groceries”…I could go on forever. But I still firmly believe that at the end of a hard day of passive lectures or massive reading or tedious entry-level work, the last thing a young person wants to do is whip out The Joy of Cooking and get some chicken pot pie going (if you are that kind of person don’t bother hitting the jump). The following is a manifestolisticle of the anti-recipe school of cooking—for the school of cooking that treats meal-creation as just that: meal creation. Rachael Ray invented the 30-minute meal, Paula Deen crafted Diabetes for Dummies, and now I’m going to explain how to cook intelligently and efficiently as a college student. Continue Reading

BlogDH’s Best/Worst Christmas (Song) List

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s essentially Christmas for the next month—at least for advertisers, movie studios and pop musicians(‘ labels). Pop musicians and Christmas are like Americans and professional soccer, they only associate at regular intervals but goddammit if they don’t embrace each other 100% when they finally do converge. Unfortunately, just like the World Cup, Christmas pop songs are not always satisfying. In fact, sometimes a Christmas single is so bad it feels like the artist was trying to Zidane you. Still, Christmas music is fundamentally cheerful and oftentimes the holiday track succeeds. Enjoy our 5 best and 5 worst Christmas songs after the jump (NOTE: These are Christmas songs – everybody knows there is only one “The Hanukkah Song” and then “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel”). Continue Reading