Frosh-cessities: 50 Things I Learned This Year

Wow, one semester has flown by and there’s only been a single frosh-cessities post. What happened? Did I become an editor at BlogDailyHerald lose my creative edge? No! I’d just been planning the most epic freshman-centric post in the history of Ivy League blogs (NESCAC already did it, so it’s not in all of college blog history): a list of 50 things I learned during freshman year. The profound, the shallow and the funny after the jump.

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Providence has two of the best of college late night eateries

According to, our very own Baja’s Tex Mex is number 33 on the list of ‘The 50 best Late Night College Eats’ in the country! Although neither Nice Slice nor Antonio’s made the list, Providence got another shout out with the Haven Brothers’ food truck parked down by Kennedy Plaza. You’ve probably seen it before, but now that you know it’s one of the best, it might be time to try it! Hmm…we wonder if the Taco Truck will make next year’s list.

A very scientifical list

Step aside, Critical Review. Let the collective wisdom inscribed on the women’s bathroom in the Rock (circa May 2010) guide your way in choosing classes…

Time to rethink your concentration?

If you’re concerned about making good money at any point in your career, you might want to look at a list compiled by, highlighting the eight lowest paid majors.
Brown only actually has three of them — art, education and religious studies. Does that mean we’re doing better than average?
Probably not, as more than half the concentrations Brown offers are not terribly career-relevant. Maybe Brown students are just better at spinning their bizarre courses to potential employers.

Brown happiest school in nation… again

Brown University has topped Princeton Review’s list of the colleges with the happiest students for the second year in a row!

Princeton Review’s annual list of the Best Colleges in the country, this year 373, will be released in book form tomorrow. It ranks the top 20 schools in 62 categories.

Brown’s also ranked on four other lists: Best College Radio Station (#5), Best College Theater (#17), Lots of Race/Class Interaction (#18), and Best Quality of Life (#18).

I don’t think anyone really knows how they tabulate these things, some kind of survey, but good for Brown students for being (perceived as) happy. This is one ranking we kick ass at (unlike cough cough US News and World Report). Not that anyone cares about that sort of thing….


Finally, a list theme for which the HuffPo couldn’t ignore Brown – universities popular with celebrity children. Of the nine famous kids included in their list, Brown can boast three.

And maybe ignore the fact that a few of the photos border on stalker-ish. We didn’t take them!

Following last week’s embarrassing (and and confusing) omission from the HuffPo’s list of hipster universities, it’s good to be included.

For some great reporting on what all these star students mean for the University, head over to The Herald for the fourth installment of Branding Brown, a series about Brown’s image in the world.