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In the wake of a cluster of teen suicides in Palo Alto–home to one of America’s most prestigious public high schools–the city, and The New York Times, ask just how much a “culture of hyperachievement” is to blame in “Push, Don’t Crush, the Students.”

The Independent Women of Sweet Briar,” from the Times and complete with gorgeous vintage photographs, is a complicated look into the intersection (and sometimes lack thereof) of housewife and career for graduates during the college’s heyday–the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The internet is abuzz about the Bruce Jenner interview, and for good reason. However, Time‘s “Bruce Jenner Has a Privilege in Telling His Truth” points out that while the interview may be a watershed moment for trans visibility, visibility itself is a privilege. (Note: Jenner has not yet expressed that he would prefer female pronouns. We would not link to a story misgendering him.) 

In other, and far less visible, trans news, Vice featured a horrifying, thought-provoking, uncomfortable and brilliant performance art piece entitled American Reflexxx.

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