M and J’s blind date


M, an international relations concentrator, was on the hunt for a true intellectual. J, a self-described “born entrepreneur,” is an international traveler. We figured they’d enjoy each other’s company and have plenty to talk about (we were right), so we set them up on a Tealuxe date…

“Brown can feel pretty small.” -J

M: A few of my friends signed up together. Is the phrase “do something every day that scares you” too cliché? Because that’s why I felt like doing this. That’s what got me out of bed that morning.

J: I wanted to meet someone new on campus. Meeting someone outside of normal friend groups can be difficult. I also like pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. The whole blind date thing was a first for me, and definitely pushed my boundaries.

“It was truly a blind date, someone I hadn’t had in any of my classes.” -M

J: I didn’t have any expectations. I was excited to meet someone new, and was planning on going with the flow.

M: I didn’t expect much. I was really hoping he wouldn’t be someone I knew before, and I was really surprised when I had actually never see [him] in my life. It was great.

J: She was super outgoing. We had both lost our Blind Bears name tags, so finding each other was interesting.

M: He’s nice-looking and also a nice person, and I was still so happy that I had never seen him before. I thought he must be an upperclassman; he just had that look.

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