Made-up Holidays: Mole Day

Paxson makes guac

On October 23rd, my Chem professor asked me what day it was. Today is Mole Day. On this day each year, we celebrate Avogadro’s moly holy number, 6.02 x 10^23. We recommend reading this post accompanied by the Naked Mole Rap. Or this.

Yes, we know that many of you haven’t celebrated Mole Day since you made some guacamole or dressed up as the beloved woodland critter for your seventh grade “Physical Science” class. To jog your memory, a mole is a unit of measurement in chemistry used to quantify the amount of chemical matter in a substance. This sounds pretty important, so let’s incorporate a Brunonian’s two favorite things, witty puns and baked goods, to celebrate Avocado Avogadro day!

Use the following as pick-up lines, conversation starters, or ways to un-impress your professors on this day chock-full of chemical quantities and sh*tloads of guac.

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Made-up Holidays: Boo’s Birthday

You might think this is a holiday weekend because of St. Patty’s tomorrow, but today marks an equally important celebration too. Boo, the famous Pomeranian who has over six and a half million likes on his Facebook page, turns seven today. 150257_467661708253_3193138_n

There are multiple ways in which one can honor Boo on his seventh birthday. If you feel like purchasing something, the Urban Outfitters store on Thayer Street has lots of options, such as Boo cell phone cases and plush toys. If the stuffed animal Boo doesn’t cut it for you, you could consider adopting a pomeranian of your very own, though having pets in dorms is not the most practical.

A more meaningful way to celebrate Boo’s birthday is to donate seven dollars to the Pet Therapy Program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. On both his Facebook page and the hospital’s website, Boo has asked for donations to this program, which brings trained therapy dogs and cats to the hospital to ease children’s anxiety and discomfort.

So, enjoy the dual holiday weekend filled with lots of green and “the world’s cutest dog.” Rumor has it Gala tonight is actually one huge birthday party for this canine celebrity.

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Made-up Holidays: Hallie & Annie’s Birthday

You’d think that these identical foes would figure out they were siblings upon discovering that they both eat Oreos with peanut butter, even though everyone else thinks it’s gross. You’d also think they’d figure out they were twins when they realized that they would both be turning 12 on October 11th. But for these redheads in The Parent Trap, it takes one crinkly picture — “a little pathetic thing ripped right down the middle” (Right. down. the middle? Right. down. the middle.) — for them to put two and two together. They’re like, twins. Duh.

Hallie and Annie: your imperfect deductive reasoning skills circa 1998 are a window into Lindsay Lohan’s subsequent meltdowns and professional and personal failings, but you’re still the most lovable pair of (fake) twins to ever grace the silver screen. Happy 12th, gals.