A Thousand Words: Veterans Day Ceremony

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Photos by Paige Gilley, Glenn Lutzky and Corine Szczesny.

National Food Day Hits the Main Green

Serving up soup at National Food Day.

October 24th is National Food Day, and fellow students are celebrating with quite a production on the Main Green. There’ s FREE FOOD throughout most of the afternoon, and students from the Sustainable Food Initiative will school you all on the best ways to eat both healthily and locally. Did I say free food?

Also, be sure to check out the special food day celebration dinner at the Ratty tonight from 4:00-7:30.

Leslie Chang Comes to Brown

Remember that book that all of us freshmen bonded over our mutual dislike of? No, not Twilight. I’m talking about Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China by Leslie Chang. People like to be down on the First Readings seminars, but try to think back to all the things you liked about Factory Girls: the deeply compelling stories of Min and Chunming, their adventures in and around Dongguan and the intertwining vignettes of Chinese history and the author’s own family story.

For those of you who haven’t seen the thousands of posters on bathrooms and bulletin boards already, Leslie Chang herself will be visiting campus tomorrow for a First Readings Lecture. She will be speaking about her difficulties writing the book, what she learned while writing it and the changes that have taken place in the characters’ lives and the Dongguan factory world since the book was published. This is an amazing opportunity to hear an author talk about her book in her own words, especially since it’s a book that we all read and put so much time and energy into thinking about. The lecture takes place tomorrow, Tuesday October 11, at 4 pm in Salomon 101.

A Thousand Words: Main Green obstacle course

The sprinklers on the Main Green are finally running!  How’s that for a sure sign of summer?  (Un)fortunately, the University seems to be much more interested in spraying passersby than watering the grass.

Photo courtesy of Natalia Nazarewicz

Super full moon tonight

“Does the Moon look bigger than it usually does tonight?”  Yes, in fact, it does. According to NASA, tonight’s Moon is a “super perigee moon,” which will be the biggest Moon since 1993. While it may not be even close to warm out tonight, this is definitely worth a late night Main Green trip.

Students who do cool things: the igloo on the Main Green

While Snowpocalypse 2011 continues to make mobility difficult and socks wet, many students have taken this opportunity to make some really beautiful and intense snow creations all over campus.  Arguably the most impressive of all these, however, is the igloo on the Main Green right outside Faunce. Learn about it’s builders and their design, plus more photos, after the jump. Continue Reading