The Anti-Slump: Last chance to apply for a MAPS mentor

Are you feigning confidence feeling lost and/or confused?  Today is the last day to apply for participation in the Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS). The fact that one needs to apply (I’m honestly intrigued by the program’s selectivity) for MAPS seems a bit absurd, but I am willing to look past this in hope of more guidance and one-on-one counseling. Through the program, “wise fools” sophomores are paired with junior and senior mentors based on concentration declaration for support related to research opportunities, internships, and general academic advice. Basically, it’s a more refined Meiklejohn program for second-year students. Apply today to combat the sophomore slump – there’s no shame.

Dorm changes for 2013 housing lottery revealed

For a long time, students have been wondering exactly what the dorm options will be for the 2013 housing lottery. On Wednesday, ResCouncil posted a list of all the changes. We’ve broken them down for you in an easy-to-digest map:

Note: Greek and program houses located in sophomore communities will still be open to juniors and seniors.

Note: Greek and program houses located in sophomore communities will still be open to juniors and seniors.

A year ago, the University announced a sweeping plan for renovating and reorganizing campus housing. We won’t recap the details of that, but there are some important differences between that plan and the new one: Perkins will be sophomore doubles, not junior/senior singles, and Slater and Hegeman will be for juniors and seniors, not sophomores. Read more here.

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There’s a map for that

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If you’ve seen a bill from Brown, it won’t surprise you that the US spends a ton of money on higher education. But what about other countries? Check out the map above, which presents countries’ size as a function of their spending on tertiary education (college, law schools, etc.)

At Worldmapper, visual leaners and dataheads alike can find this and over 700 other maps addressing issues from vegetable consumption to condom use.

MAPS v. MAPS : The showdown

It’s no secret that all of us here at Brown love acronyms. S/NC, ISPs, GISPs, GlISPs, JWoWW…the list goes on and on.

But what happens when two different organizations use the same acronym? Continue Reading