Things to do tonight: Brown Band Ice Show

If you’re someone who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, loses friends over the Marvel vs. DC debate, and saw High School Musical On Ice during sophomore year eighth grade, swing by the Meehan Ice Rink after the men’s hockey game for the Brown Band’s Superhero Ice Show.

Like, right now.

It’s everything you know and love about the band — scrambling, suggestive formations and tubas — but ON ICE! Why? Because everything is better on ice: from Disney movies to scotch.

If you miss it, there’s another ice show February 17 (the same night as IvyQ, making that weekend the biggest rainbow snow cone ever), but you’re still a horrible person without school spirit.

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Banned band not banned

We might have lost to Columbia today, but our band still wins in creativity, wit and the ability to draw phallic imagery on the field.

After shooting themselves in the foot ridiculing their own team, the Columbia University Marching Band (CUMB, yes, really, CUMB) was barred from performing in their game against Brown yesterday. The offending lyrics were sung after a 62-41 against Cornell.

(As a side note, the parody wasn’t even funny. Really? The best you’ve got is “We always lose, lose, lose; by a lot, and sometimes by a little”?)

However, after applications of the First Amendment that made our Founding Fathers repeatedly facepalm in their graves, the band was allowed to perform again in yesterday’s game.

Oh yeah, and then there was a football game itself. We lost, 35-28 in double overtime.

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