Web Civ: What your cover photo says about you

It’s an almost universally agreed upon fact that Facebook changes suck. We like our social networks reliable and unmodified, gosh darnit! So when the cover photo was introduced, we were naturally all a bit hesitant.  Two profile pictures? We initially thought to ourselves. What is this hootenanny?

But Facebook users are narcissistic embraced the cover photo and utilized it as a form of expression, posting awkwardly-sized, rectangular images of everything from their favorite place to their favorite artist.  After some thorough Facebook stalking research, we deduced what each type of cover photo says about you:

The Beyonce: We feel your pain. Other Beyonce fans are tough to find; you’ve got to broadcast your obsession in the off chance you’ll get a couple of likes from some fellow Bey enthusiasts hiding out there somewhere. But seriously, this ubiquitous choice isn’t all that bad. You’ve got good taste in music… and humans. Sadly, you don’t win any creativity points.

The nature scene: “This website is pretty nice I guess,” Zuckerberg worried to himself the night he conceived the cover photo, “but it needs more sweet pics of people standing in front of mountains.” The nature cover photo became an instant staple. Today, you can’t stalk for long without coming across a picture of dirty people standing in front of a lake. For the most part, these send the right kinds of messages. You’ve got an adventurous side, you’ve seen some incredible sights and you know how to take a decent picture. Unless you pulled it off of Google. That’s not okay. Continue Reading

In case you’re planning on creating the next Facebook…

…you might want to consider that a classmate at Brown might write an article about you, including things about how you were in college, years later.

On the dawn of the release of movie “The Social Network” former classmate of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg–Rebecca Davis O’Brien–wrote an article for The Daily Beast about Zuckerberg. In the article she talks about how the movie portrays Zuckerberg’s story and how she actually saw it playing out when they were at Harvard. Details include that his AEPI “freshman frat” name was “Slayer.” Boys with “frat” names may want to take special note of this revelation.